Will Credit Amnesty be in 2021?

Over the past few years, the number of debtions of the Russian Federation has already exceeded 13 trillion. rubles, and the percentage of no returns is already exceeding 15%.
Credit amnesty is not a separate procedure, but a whole range of activities that is capable of radically change the situation of the population. She will give the opportunity to free themselves from the intensive growth of fines and debts, as well as return consistency and economic stability to borrowers.

The authorities do not provide an accurate decision on this matter, but only discouraged by the fact that they consider all the details.

In fact, this project is in the development stage, and it is unclear whether it will be safely implemented. The main problem is the fact that there is no breakdown how to make a program available. Since to force banks to make concessions to absolutely all borrowers, it is impossible, it can ruin many companies.

In order for the debtor to apply this program, it is obliged to adhere to certain conditions. The main one is — non-payment of debt.

Under the exception from the list they will receive debtors who:

As mentioned above, the loans on bail are unlikely to fall under this program. In most cases, everything comes down to consumer loans and microloans. The initiative of the power is quite advocated, and if this program is really implemented, it will contribute to the change in the situation not only borrowers, but also the market as a whole.