Why retirees more often refuse to issue a loan.

The classical opinion on the persons of the retirement age is reduced to the fact that this is not the most solvent and credit-oriented group of citizens. Though in the modern world processes change this point of view, the result is one — the refusal of lending.

Every year the percentage of bank confidence in persons retirement is less and less. If the percentage of lending to the working population is growing, the percentage of lending to pensioners falls annually.

Initially examine programs and offers of credit institutions. Credit conditions can differ significantly.

Experts recommend to leave an application for a bank loan, which mainly come enrollments, it can be like salary and pension. In this case, the minimum package of documents will be required.

In some banks there are specialized programs allowing to obtain loan to persons of retirement age only by passport.

Minor, for the bank the amount, in the amount of 30-100 thousand rubles, the credit institution may issue at any age and without a guarantor.

Loans for pensioners are usually not issued for more than 5 years.

It is extremely ridiculous to refuse to the client just because he is not so young. Pensioners are extremely careful in financial problems and weigh everything «for» and «against» in advance. Repeatedly calculate their capabilities in solvency.