Why not worth bankrupt.

When we take a loan, we expect that we can give it on time and without violating the maturity time. But in fact, we cannot predict that it will be with us in six months or a year.

During this time, you can lose work or get sick, and indeed the situation in the country we are not very stable. The income of the population does not grow, in contrast to the increase in prices for products and utilities.

It happens that the debtor is simply not able to pay loans.

For this, there is a bankruptcy procedure for individuals.

This procedure is beneficial to both debtors and banking institutions.

The conversation will go about aspects that arise, and may continue to turn into difficulties.


Many will say, but let’s give all to your relatives, but we will leave one apartment that it is impossible to remove it and everything is legal!

If evil intention is detected in your actions, then the criminal article will already be.

The financial manager carefully checks the financial manager if it is found that you have rewritten or sold out all the accumulated property before the bankruptcy procedure, then all transactions are recognized as fictitious and everything will return to you. And after the bank goes out for debts. Therefore, you should not do so. This will also cause problems with those who bought such housing.

It depends on who directly exposes itself to the bankruptcy procedure:

If your spouse is bankrupt, and the actual property is acquired in the Union, it is considered joint. The process is implemented only 50% of property. If half it is impossible to implement, the property is sold completely, but 50% of cash is moving bankrupt a spouse.

If you bank drive your relative. In fact, you are not risking anything, except if you do not have a common property. If it is, that is, the risk that it will be sold, and the co-owner will be a new face.

For the bank, the bankruptcy procedure of the debtor is quite profitable, because in this case the bank reduces the debt burden and does not pay tax.

Before announced by bankrupt, examine all the minutes and the advantages of this procedure, and already after decide to declare ourselves bankrupt or not.

Bankruptcy of individuals does not relieve you from the responsibility of debt payment, but on the contrary forces to pay, but only in a smaller volume. And such a debt will have to pay, since it does not have a limitation period.

Also as an example, if the Bank filed on you:

And you need 300 thousand rubles, after 10 years you will also need 300 thousand rubles. Money is depreciated from year to year!

If you compare that 300 thousand rubles 15 years ago and now, then 15 years ago this amount was huge!

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