Why not pay money to collectors.

Your duty to these persons, directly, a credit organization in case you are not paying debt for 3 months or more. At the same time, they can, as demand to return the loan to the credit institution, and require cash in their favor if the collectors bought a completely deal with the bank.

If you are a debtor of the collector agency, then you should check all the circumstances, otherwise you can get to fraudsters.
According to Art. 358 GK of the Russian Federation The debtor has the right to not pay the debt if he was not provided with documents to repay his obligations.

Very often, this right is violated, in 90% of cases no one will notify you about it.

Collectors are entitled to file a claim to court when refusing a loan. It happens quite rare, since the court removes partially debt, which is not profitable.
You are also entitled to submit a counterformed claim if you think that your rights and freedoms are violated.

If collectors threaten you what they have passed the case to the court, ask them to reduce the debt or, otherwise, you will expect the court order. They may agree to concessions. But it should be remembered that if it gets to court, then you will definitely undertake to pay debt.

It is necessary to pay when the court has already been and their conditions were recognized as reasonable. Since this is no longer a fad, and the court order for the implementation of which the FSSP is observed.
The judicial document will indicate the amount of recovery, if you are asked to pay more — refuse.

You should also not forget that the court order can be canceled and to do it is very simple.

Often collectors can ask to pay the debt to the usual translation on the card or by the payment by details, the check you, of course, no one will provide, and to prove then that you paid the debt will be very difficult. Many simply call on the phone and demanding to transfer money to the card — this is already fraud and they can be attracted to criminal responsibility.

You are right to declare a violation of your rights. Often collectors are not shy of them to violate:

Do not run away from responsibility. In court you can easily reduce the amount of debt if it is unlawful. And most importantly, fix violations of your rights and freedoms. About any threats and encroachments. Let’s notify law enforcement agencies.