Why not connect additional services from the bank upon receipt of the loan?

The most important problem is a significant overpayment on the loan by connecting additional services. It is for this reason that they should not be connected!

Despite the fact that Rospotrebnadzor after a long time, it would seem, defeated the problem of imposing additional banking services, in practice the case was still not so good and customers are forced to fight back from their payment.

Rospotrebnadzor achieved customers to pay the Commission for issuing and using credit funds. But now credit institutions compensate for the loss of funds by imposing insurance. To add-on, credit institutions indicate interest in the contract for the opening and use of credit accounts that lead to the rise in price of services.

Situations where bank employees force customers to acquire insurance policies under the pretext of the fact that it is a mandatory service and in the event of a reference of the bank will dismiss the application, there are quite often. Sometimes it happens that the bank employee sees the lung client and imposes additional services under the guise of free, and later it turns out that they will have to pay.

Employees of the banking organization came to impose credit cards to borrowers. When issuing a loan, they indicate additional conditions — to issue a credit card of this bank. The borrower agrees, and does not even think to use it. And in the future it follows an unpleasant surprise — it is notified that the free use of the card is completed, and the bank has already accrued penalties and fines on the credit card. There are such cases when a bank employee chases the implementation of the plan and draws credit cards to customers who are in the database. After the customers, long and thoroughly deal with this misunderstanding.

This service is convenient in its own way, but not always useful. Sometimes banks insist on its connection, and the borrower is forced to pay for the use of the service even if it is useless for him. Moreover, the cost is not fixed and in each bank its own. The cost varies from 100 to 990 rubles per month.

Such a service is also often connected without the desire of the borrower. And you need to pay. Also, the cost may be from 100 to 900 rubles per month.

Additional services —

Variety is simply amazing. It can be like an autorer, dentist, psychologist and others.


What is included in the «Health» package? 🩹

With the disease you can call the number and you will tell you where to contact them all!

Is there such a package of 18 000 rubles to the amount of the loan? 🤔

The most important point is that such packages are paid by credit funds, and this significantly increases the cost of the credit product.

You came to the bank for 1 million rubles, I was given it, but 250,000 rubles added additional unnecessary expenses to this amount.

Early repayment.

If you have an excess amount of money, use early repayment service. Banks in rare cases take a percentage for this service, but ultimately it is more profitable than paying the loan throughout the term.

Free SMS alert.

Many banks provide this service for free.

In order not to become a victim of deception and not paying imposed services, you need to know a number of simple rules.

Pay attention to his behavior and smile after you refuse all this 😃



Lawsuit in court.

It is very important to be prepared for such situations, since only you can influence what is happening and caught on the trick of the bank employee.

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