Why did not the deal between Yandex and Tinkoff?

Gossip about the fact that Oleg Tinky is looking for a client for his bank «TINKOFF» due to serious health problems appeared relatively long ago, but after the bone marrow transplantation, in addition to the circumstances, to survive, he left the unfinished business, which could affect the further fate of the bank — Problem on extradition in relation to the United States.

Until this time, the US Department of Finance accused Tinkov in hiding savings from taxation. In February of this year, the United States issued an order for his arrest, but Tinkov was released on bail.

Yandex was needed a personal transactional business, and after termination of the partnership between Yandex and Sberbank, he remained without a personal payment system Yandex.Money, which previously moved to Sberbank. The company had an understanding that customers need this system.

In September of this year, it became known to prepare the sale of the Bank of the Yandex organization. Director of the Bank pledged to remain in the company, but did not specify as whom.

The association of these two companies would allow Sberbank to go to the background, since Tinkov’s reasoning the most talented people work in these two companies.

After this statement, in October of this year, it became known that Tinkov also considers other companies to buy his banking asset.
And on October 16, the director of the bank «Tinkoff» announced the break of the transaction with the company.

During all negotiations with Yandex, Tinkov repeatedly changed his position. In the evening, he talked about the fact that the deal should be closed this year, and in the morning it claimed that the deal must be implemented next year, because he is so profitable. And so happened every day. According to experts, this situation of Tinkov’s uncertainty could be due to the lack of humility that he will have to give control over the bank of another company.

According to the former vice president of Tinkoff Oleg Anisimov, in relation to customers nothing will change, but becomes even a more customer-oriented company.
The Bank is among the most important banks in terms of assets, and in the case of a critical situation, the Central Bank will save the credit institution. In relation to bank deposits, if you have less than 1.4 million rubles in your account, ABC will protect everything.

Yandex bought «Yandex Money» consider for a penny because of fluctuations in stocks on the background of the transaction. Thus, Yandex lost its own payment system. And only the current «bank» remained in the logging.

Who has any thoughts on this? Existing «Yumani» is more convenient?