Why are we used to live on credit?

Each month most of our country’s population is looking forward to messages on the phone about wage enrollment. Cash with difficulty enough for the acquisition of the most necessary. Even if you live in a decent apartment and allow you to buy expensive things, you still have a feeling of poverty. We’ll figure it out in more detail.

This is the most obvious. Most of the population issuing one loan, can no longer stop, it is associated with increasing needs. You begin to want everything and immediately, but if the cash does not allow it to be purchased for accumulations, you can always ask for a loan to the bank. Attractive offers without overpayment or low monthly payment lure you into debt. Paying 5 thousand loans for wages 20 thousand rubles seems quite acceptable option, but do not forget about mandatory payments, such as utilities, payment for mobile communications and other expenses.

In addition to the credit dependence of the population in the country there is absolutely no formed culture of the middle class. In fact, the state is a fall in real incomes of citizens, and the number of poor population is increasing. A large number of people with difficulty survive on the minimum wage. But for some reason, citizens who receive a stable average salary feel also on the verge of poverty. Why it happens?

These problems arise due to the economic condition of the state and social psychology of the population. Russians due to the features of mentality are not accustomed to live by means of adopted in European countries. We wish to wear expensive clothes, ride on machines, which, due to financial condition, cannot contain. The budget planning is usually calculated as follows: 2000 rubles for utilities, several thousand on products, and other funds for other needs.

In other needs, we understand food from delivery, a taxi trip and the purchase of nonsense, which is not so necessary. Spontaneous purchases allow us to feel much richer, but in fact they make the poor people who do not know how to take care of their cash. Life today creates the illusion of financial freedom, which in the end it will not surprise you.

Most of the population to be afraid to throw their boring and unloved work with a stable earnings of 30 thousand rubles, as they are afraid of unknown and what changes can cause. It is easier to leave all dreams of career growth and a higher paying job in dreams than to gain strength and try to change your life for the better.

The Russian people are still with distant times love free, it even reflects in our folklore: a tablecloth is a self-banner, a goldfish is a confirmation. The man with the poor syndrome is not only afraid of losing a stable earnings, but also waiting for a happy event that the money is welcomed by him from the sky, be it winning a lottery or a job position with a big earnings, and he will do nothing and wait. The case will never come!

The most reliable way to maintain your cash is to increase your financial literacy. If you know everything about your personal budget, you will get a habit of considering the money earned and rightly dispose of them, do not notice how you will have money to remain even at the end of the month. And it is also worth remembering a few truths: the loan will never be profitable, in any case you will stay in the minus. Since the credit organization does not make sense to work at a loss. Live by means is the most optimal option. If you are not satisfied with your financial situation — do not complain, but you need to act.

The state has delivered such a framework that it is impossible to live without a loan. Social projects. Who successfully worked in the USSR — now do not work. If earlier housing could be obtained in gratuitous use, now it is a mortgage, if you do not give it, then you will not have housing. There are state programs for receiving housing, but to get such a housing area need not less than 20 years in line.

We can safely say that such a policy is beneficial, and no one is going to change it.