When is criminal responsibility for non-payment of a loan?

If you violate the deadline for paying a loan within a few days or even months, the Bank’s client except the fines of the delay is not threatened. Criminal and administrative responsibility arises under a number of conditions.

Criminal proceedings can be started on the basis of three cases:

If the client has gained debts in the amount of 2,250,000 rubles, then it can be accused of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation — fraud.

To ensure the security of funds, credit institutions control the fulfillment by customers their obligations in full and in the established contract. The contract prescribes all fines and sanctions for customers in case of delay.

Even the minimum drawing in one day faces the client with a fine. The amount is accrued daily until the customer contributes to the account. If the drawing has been delayed, then credit institutions are sent to SMS notification borrowers with a request to contact the Bank to solve the problem.

In the case when the loan is exceeding the allowed dates, in most cases, banks resell debts to collecting agents that will not only write to you, but also want to meet you personally.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the collectors are not entitled to penetrate into a person’s living space without his personal consent and apply psychological pressure methods. In case of similar violations, fix the facts of threats and contact the police or higher instances.

Cases when criminal liability came very little, as it was impossible to prove that a person intends to shy away from paying the debt unrealistic.

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