What to do with a loan if I changed the surname?

In the life of each person a joyful event may occur, and not very. Under joyful, the wedding is meant, under not very divorce. In these cases, the surname in humans changes, if desired. There are such situations when a person deliberately, without a significant occasion, it goes to such a step, as a change of last name, guided by its desires or goals. And if a person decided to create a new person in order to avoid punishment, or to avoid paying loans? Causes can be different. But the essence of one — the surname has changed.

Now we will try to explain it!

If you are a law-abiding citizen, and in your life there has been such an event as a wedding, or a divorce, and your personal data has been changed (after all, when changing the surname, the passport is also changing, and therefore passport data in it), the first thing you need to do — It is informing the bank about changing the data. If you have been issued a regular consumer loan to older data, then you should contact the Bank’s separation in which a loan was taken. We bring with you a new passport and write a corresponding statement in order to issue a new loan agreement. There is nothing difficult in this, and of course, the faster you do it, it will be better.

If your loan was not consumer, but for example a car, then there is a slightly different situation here. To begin with, in addition to the passport, you need to get a new driver’s license, as the old one is already invalid. Then you should approach the institution in which the lending agreement was issued. Provide them with their new documents to reissuate the credit contract itself, as well as the registration certificate for the car, and the PTS. After these actions, you will need to re-inform the insurance certificate.

In addition to listed loans there are mortgage lending. In this case, you also inform the bank about the change of the name, and with new documents are approaching the reservoir of the contract, and bringing it to Rosreestr. If the insurance was issued, then also amendments to it.

If you have a credit card before changing the surname, then you should not wait for the expiration of its term. As in the above situations, you need to apply for a card reissue by choosing the reason for changing the surname. Provide new documents to the bank, and (in some banks) to pay a card reissue. From the type of card you have depends on it — from a few minutes to several days.

And the last moment on which we would like to focus on, this is a change of the name in order to deceive the bank.

There are people who believe that if they change the surname and passport data, their credit history is reset. After all, it is essentially an absolutely other person. But if everything was so simple, people would cease to pay their credit obligations, but simply change the documents. When making a loan, you indicate not only your passport details, but also other documents. For example, SNILS or INN. And these documents are issued with a single number, for life. Therefore, when checking documents, find your old data will not be difficult.

We hope that this information was useful for you! Now you know how to enroll in a particular situation if your passport data has been changed. The main thing is not to accomplish such actions in order to deceive or the embezzlement of other people’s money, sooner or later — everything will open.