What to do when the bank filed to me?

The economic state of the country does not allow to calculate their money for several years ahead, so when receiving a loan, a person needs not only to find the type of lending and arrange it, but also to think about the strategy of his actions in court in advance if for any reason he expects payment on long term.

Consider in more detail. The bank filed a claim to the court for non-payment of credit duties. For the debtor, judicial proceedings will begin on the agenda that will be directed to him at the registration address. The court will not be looking for a borrower, he will simply consider the case in his absence. The court has the right to do so, since the Bank has enough evidence of the debt’s debt and the personal presence of the borrower in this case is not required.

The debtor is beneficial to participate in the court proceedings and visit the meeting.

With the abolition of the court order, the debtor appears extra time, as the judicial order is a simplified version of the claim. In order to file a lawsuit, the bank will need more time and strength.


The most important and first thing you need to do is get acquainted with the case file.

At any stage of legal proceedings, the borrower can get active copies of the case materials, it is desirable to do it immediately after the agenda is handed over to:

All of the above documents are useful to show a lawyer. It will be able to evaluate the possible result of the process, will formulate a legal position and further actions. If the bank provides a petition for adopting security measures, the lawyer will help you draw up the right requirement for removing these measures. For example, your deposit put an arrest, a lawyer will help to relieve measures, relying on the need to use cash data for unforeseen expenses: buying medicines or products.

In the process of listening, the judge, first of all, will try to sum up the part of the financial dispute to the peace agreement. If you fail to agree, any court decision will not be in favor of the defendant. Return debt will have to anyway.

The exception is the only housing — it is protected by law and cannot be seized.

Better, of course, do not bring the situation to the court, as it basically has a negative effect on the debtor.

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