What to do the borrower if there was a conflict with the lender?

The services of credit institutions, including credit products, enjoys a large number of citizens, and if the borrower for some reason turns out to be dissatisfied with the service of the service of this organization, it arises a conflict situation. Not everyone knows with her.

At the initial stage of the emergence of the conflict, it is necessary to try to understand directly with the credit institution. You can do this in different ways:

All of the above methods take into account the submission of the claim in oral form. When the borrower does not hear, or do not want to listen, and the conflict situation is not allowed, it is already worth writing a claim in writing. This document is sent by mail with a receipt notice.

The financial institution will have 30 days to consider the claim and in writing to provide the answer to the borrower. If the financial organization refused the borrower in demand, then he begins to act differently, namely to go to the relevant instances.

For example

The protection of individuals is also engaged in

There are few users who use banking services, I know that the conflict that has arisen can be solved by applying to the Central Bank of Russia. However, for this, you need to assemble a significant amount of evidence, and also competently draw up a complaint.

We hope that the information was useful for you. Now you know how to solve conflict situations that have arisen with a financial institution.