What to do if the card was arrested by bailiffs.

In our material we will discuss, for which they can arrest a map or an account, and what should be done in such a situation.

Blocking the card and the debtor’s account is a certain protection of the interests of the lender from fraud and illegal actions by the unfair borrower.

This debt collection mechanism begins its work when the debtor has at its disposal money is not in a hurry to pay for debt obligations.

You will answer the question of interest to you — is the right of the bailiffs to arrest cards, including salary?

In addition, there are a number of restrictions on which accounts can be superimposed by arrest, and which are not. The children are that FSSP does not know which card, the arrest is imposed — social or salary. In the presence of debt, you need to refer to the bailiff of the Contractor and report with what accounts they do not have the right to write off funds.

If such a situation happened, there are a number of ways that you can use:

If your actions led to a positive result from FSSP and arrest removed, it means that you can re-dispose of all the means entering the card or account. Often, documents are provided in electronic form, and the procedure passes quite quickly. From the signing of the ruling before the removal of arrest takes place no more than a week.

This year, a bill on the obligatory subsistence minimum was made to the State Duma for discussion, which will not allow the FSSP service to withdraw money completely, but so far only discussions are not a fact that the bill will start working