What threatens the exercise on the loan?

We are all accustomed to live on credit. For some, this is a convenient tool for purchasing goods, for other ways to acquire one’s own housing. There is also another category of persons who deliberately receives a loan and not paying it.

If you have fallen into a difficult situation, when you can not pay the payment, it is necessary to realize that sanctions for non-payment of credit obligations may follow.

Accordingly, the credit history includes data on the delay, which subsequently affects the overall picture.

For every day, non-payment credit institution will charge you penalties. Amounts are quite impressive. The longer the client does not pay, the greater will be the amount of the fine.

The bank may require early repay all debt, since this item is specified in the loan agreement. Usually such a requirement comes by registered mail to the debtor.

This is the last measure before the bank goes to court or give the work to the collector agency.

If it came to the collectors, it is necessary to study the legislation and their rights in detail, in order not to be submitted to their insults and threats. If the collector agency will behave extremely incorrectly, you can always contact the police or a court about violating your rights.

Yes, the Bank has the right to apply to the court to the debtor.

Credit institutions are trying very rarely to resort to this option and fully affect the debtor psychological methods. This option is unprofitable for the Bank. In this case, the court will cancel all fines and penalties.

How does the debt non-payment affect the guarantor?

In the event that the main borrower has ceased to make money on a loan, all responsibility is transferred to the guarantor. The guarantor data is a credit institution, can also sell collectors who will disturb constant calls and make demands on debt refund.

If a trial has passed against the debtor, the FSSP of Russia is taken for business. The debtor is added to the debtor base. The list is open, admission to which, if necessary, have various services. With substantial debt, the debtor remains at home until the full repayment of the debt. In most cases, this happens on the customs service when trying to leave the country.

There are different situations when the borrower is not able to pay a loan, but also there are solutions, the main thing is competent to this.

We have described possible options for events that may occur if you do not pay a loan.

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