What threatens not the payment of mortgages.

First of all, before accepting a positive decision on the issuance of a mortgage loan, the bank carefully checks the consistency of the future borrower. However, no one is insured against critical situations. In any case, timely payment of payments from the client is not removed.

Deterioration of the financial situation of a family or a separate person. This may be due to: maternity leave maternity leave; lowering the borrower in office; loss of disability for health; The death of the client (in this case, the responsibilities of payment are shifted by the guarantor). Most mortgage loans are accompanied by the conclusion of insurance, which covers bank debt.

Failure to comply with the loan obligations does not entail administrative or criminal liability, but to expect that the credit institution will cease to accrue fines and forgive debt, it is not worth it.

In the case of regular overdues and the lack of a client’s connection with the Bank, the credit institution uses a number of ways of impact:

Collectors use the most rigid ways of recovery, it should be understood if you decide not to return the loan.

The proceedings in court the case is very troublesome, in most of its decisions the court obliges a debtor to make a major debt, without fines and tonsides. Thus, the Bank loses part of its profits, so makes every effort to make the case before the court. If the bank filed a claim, then the subsequent step becomes a trial, according to which the fate of the collateral is solved.

The sale of property occurs with the promotion of bailiffs. After the sale, if the amounts do not have enough debts to cover, the bank has the right to submit a repeated statement of claim to recover the balance of debt, and if on the contrary, it remains some amount, it is returned to the client.

If juvenile children are registered in the apartment does not play a significant role. FSSP has the right to write a citizen without his consent.

The mortgage is not only for the sale of property, but also a deterioration in credit history, which in the future can lead to difficulties with the design of a new loan.

There are several methods that will help not be in the debt point: