What methods exist to check the credit history for free.

It’s no secret that many citizens enjoy credit products. Someone actively uses them and conscientiously, and someone is not. Sometimes there are situations when they do not approve a loan application. Or a person becomes curious to know if he has a credit history, and that it is indicated. In such cases, the desire to test their credit history appears.

Credit history is a kind of dossier. It is going to borrower, as he fulfills his credit obligations. Pays monthly payments, pays for the fines if he has a delay and so on. Credit history can be corrupted — you were delayed by payments, there are unpaid loans, or you did not conscientiously performed commitments to the bank.

Also, a credit history can be good — this means that you have not allowed in the past overdue payments, you were not accrued fines, and you are a conscientious borrower. Credit history is stored at the credit bureau. Its storage is 10 years since the last change in your credit history.

Currently, credit history can be checked as a fee and free of charge (from January 31, 2019). Paid check will cost you at least 299 rubles. And you can use only twice a year. There is a free check on the website of the State Service.

If you have a profile on the site of public services, you will need to go to the site itself, in the search field, enter — check the credit history. There should be an inscription from the Bureau of Credit Stories.

There you can order an extract in which will be provided about your credit products, as well as about your credit history.

Another way to check your credit history is to make a request to the National Bureau of Credit Stories. To do this, you should register on the site itself, confirm your passport data (through the portal of the aforementioned public services), and email. After registration, you will be given the right to receive two reports — a loan report, and personal credit rating. You can order both reports.

After that, expect a response from the portal. After the expiration date, you will receive reports, having studied which you can find out what your credit history you have, and who requested your credit history. Usually, when filling out an application for a loan product, the bank requests credit history at the BKA.

Now you know how to check the credit history, as already mentioned above, do it at least once a year. The fact is that fraud is now developing with a lightning speed, so as not to become a victim of attackers on it worth paying time.