What language to talk with collectors?

Progress does not stand still. New products, services, companies appear in our life. If earlier lending was not particularly popular, now there are a lot of citizens who have loans. In addition to banking institutions, there are not very large, but very unpleasant offices.

They are called collecting agencies. They were created in order to return money to banks when the borrower refuses to pay.

In essence, they knock out debts from borrowers. Previously, collectors were not limited to any law. You could call around the clock with information about your debt, and to pay it. Could do threats, warnings. We personally have acquaintances who had to face collectors.

What you need to know to communicate with collectors — our article about it.

According to the current legislation, conversations should be recorded. If you are calling from the collection agency with information about the return of your debt, you have the right to clarify the name of the organization itself, personal data of the caller officer.

It is not recommended to rude employees, and you just need to listen to information. Also, to make sure that the credibility of the data, you can make a call to the bank, for information about the agency, which was transferred to the debt.

You need to know that at night all calls are prohibited. Visit collectors can not more than 1 time per month. And calls must flow no more than 2 times a week. They cannot call your loved ones and report on the availability of debt obligations.

When entering letters with information about debt, there should be no additional marks from above. If collectors exceed their powers, you can safely go to the prosecutor’s office and write a statement.

For exceeding authority, private calls can be attributed, calls at night, threats to you or your loved ones, refusal to give information you are interested in, as well as other illegal actions. Currently, within the framework of FZ No. 230, penalties for collector agencies that exceed their powers are provided. The amount of fines can reach 500 thousand rubles.

Nowadays, citizens do not always know their rights and obligations. Because of the past stories about collectors, often people fall into a stupor. To this not happen, you must prepare for a meeting with them. When the bank cannot find the situation with you, he must send you a notice (and in writing) that your debt was transferred to third parties.

Accordingly, if it still happened, we advise you to immediately familiarize yourself with the rights and powers of collector agencies. You need to talk calmly, without insults.

If you have a complaint about the unlawful behavior of collectors, and confirm their illegal actions, in addition to large fines there is another punishment — a review of the license from the whole agency. And this is scary for them too. The main thing is to be legally savings, and of course not bring to the transfer of business collectors. We hope that our article was useful to you.