What is the danger of guarantee?

A familiar or relative asked you to become a guarantor on his loan or loan.

Life teaches us to help friends and acquaintances, but in this case you should think well and explore all the cons of the guarantee.

Yes, if you have long known a person and a person keeps the word, he should not let down, but there are different situations in life when the promise does not work out.

Let’s look at all the underwater stones of the guarantee.

The person decided to get a loan, but the bank had doubts about his solvency. This often happens when the amount of debt is high or a borrower is a bad credit history.
In this case, the Bank will be able to provide a loan, but only on the agreement, if the co-processor appears, he is the guarantor. The bank in this case receives a guarantee. With the non-payment of debt the main borrower, since the guarantor will take responsibility for the return of credit funds.

Citizen of the Russian Federation aged 21 to 60 years, having a permanent residence in the country and the official place of work. The experience at the last workplace should be at least 6 months.

In case yours, suppose a relative will cease to pay for a loan, you, like it, will be responsible to the bank according to the loan agreement. If he misses the loan payment, and credit institution managers will lose touch with him, then pay new payments and penalties with fines for delay will need you.
Moreover, you will pay in the same amount as the main borrower.

If neither the debtor and the person who instructed him (guarantor) will not pay a loan, the Bank has the right to file a statement of claim in the court. Often, credit institutions do not even convince the coacher to pay arrears, but immediately send a lawsuit to court, as soon as the debtor delays the payment within a few months.

That is, you can not guess that your relative grieved the loan, until the agenda comes to court. In most cases, the court decides to oblige you and the guarantor to pay debt according to a specific schedule, and it will not matter to him who exactly and what scale will pay debt.
If the schedule of repayment of debt, which appointed the court — will be broken, the FSSP will take it.

After the debt is repaid, you have the full right to refund paid funds. Save all paper credit commitment. They will be useful to you to file a lawsuit in the court.

Boldly contact the court, there you can demand damages, and in the event that the debtor does not have funds, the Court is able to withdraw its property in your favor.

In the event of the death of the debtor, all debts go to successors. If the contract was not prescribed the condition to be responsible for the new borrower, then your guarantee ended.
However, if you agreed, the story continues, and you also can be able to withdraw expenses from the successor by filing a lawsuit.

Thus, before it becomes the guarantor, talk ten times and decide for yourself if you need it. Check the solvency of the person you want to help.

It’s not a fact that after repaying full debt to the lender you will get your money back even after a court!

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