What is cachek and how to use it?

Currently, there are many new words that came to us from abroad. One of such words is Cashbek. It appeared this word in about the 2000s, but then it only started its origin. It was absolutely unpopular, incomprehensible, and most people did not know about him. Now this word has gained popularity, and considerable, let’s say you. But not all citizens know how to use them correctly.



For example, you purchased the TV. And your bank cooperates with this store, and for the purchase of this particular TV, on your card with which you paid for the purchase will be credited to cachek. Pretty transparent conditions, and at first glance, nothing complicated. Is it really, let’s consider in more detail.

Above, we realized that Cashbek was like a bonus program — you buy, you get bonuses.

Because we are accustomed that basically free services is a hoax. Is there any deception in Cashbek? No. The benefit of it goes in both directions — and the seller, and the buyer. Buyer will prefer to buy goods there who will be credited to cachek, and the seller will respectively receive a greater number of buyers, and its profit will increase.

Cashbek can accrue the store itself in which you purchase goods or an intermediary. If everything is clear with the first option, then we will look at the second option. In the case of the Mediation Agreement, the store that concludes a contract receives an advertising company of his product, and as a result, attracting new customers. And instead of this, he will share a profit with a companion.

Currently, cachek can be accrued in different ways. It can be both money equivalent and in the form of bonuses. Depending on the place of purchase, and conditions. It can also be a product or service.

Also, for the owners of maps (debit, credit), bonuses for using maps are also charged, namely purchases using a card. Each bank has its own conditions with which it is necessary to become familiar with either on the official website of the bank or in the department. For example, the owners of cards from Sberbank can count on a bonus program. Thank you from Sberbank.

For your purchases you are credited with bonuses that you can spend when paying in stores — partners. There is a rather extensive list, it can also be found on the official site of Sberbank.ru or in a mobile application. But the percentage accrued by paying by cards is much less than official cachek in stores. Basically, on the maps you will be charged to 1% for the cash spent. But, not in all banks.

Now you know what Cashbek is and how to dispose.