What if the collectors came home?

If you have formed a debt for credit obligations, the Bank’s employees will want to contact you to find out the cause of delay. If this does not help and the debt is not repaid, then the high probability that the bank will sell your debt to the collector agency, which will visit your home on legal circumstances.

Initially, no one will come home to you. Collectors tend to call debtors to return debt by applying psychological pressure methods.

The main task of the collector is to notify the borrower about the presence of debt and clarify, in what time frame will begin to return debt.

Another important task of the collector is the confirmation of the relationship with the debtor in the documentary form.

It’s important to know! In no case do not sign any documents when the collectors visit.

According to the law, employees can call you no more than once a day, 2 times a week and eight times a month. Attend you personally — no more than once a week from 8:00 to 22:00.
These conditions apply not only to employees of the collection agency, but also managers of credit institutions.

How to behave when collectors came to you?

Article 23 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation guarantees us the right to mystery and inviolability of frequent life, so let the collectors in your home or not — to solve only you.

Initially, ask the collector to present documents confirming his identity and the right to introduce this activity. Documents must be the original.

At the beginning of communication with you, he must introduce and call the organization from which he arrived at you. Data can be checked by calling the organization personally.

The right to personal communication with you have collection agencies, which are registered in the registry of the Russian Federation of the Russian Federation, and the rest can only send you a complaint.

Explain to agents that all incoming calls, you answer, and you can confirm this fact documented — getting a detail from your cellular operator. Recommend to the laws of the Russian Federation and inform the employee that the search for a person is possible if it is suspected of committing a crime. The search activities of the suspect are carried out solely on the basis of a document from the investigator, investigator or judge. Ask the agent to provide this document.

In 2020, our state has tightened the relationship towards collectors, the visit of employees of collector agencies to debtors decreased by 80% compared with 2017,2018 and 2019.

But more often they began to use psychological pressure methods. Constantly calling the debtors and documening their lives.

Have you had personal meetings with collectors? How did you react and what did you do? 🤔