What if scammers issued a loan?

Obtaining a loan according to the passport of another person is a fairly common scheme among fraudsters. If your passport data falls into the hands of attackers, they will be able to make a loan without much difficulty. However, there is an output from this situation.

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that yes it is possible! At the same time, they will not need your SNILS, certificate of income and other documents.
There are a number of illegal schemes, with the help of which fraudsters implement a loan over a passport of another person and take money to themselves.

This case is also no exception, and take a loan through copy of the passport quite real. In certain cases, the original passport is not required, and you can make a copy or even a photo in the phone.

It should be known that a copy of the passport is not a document, and, accordingly, has no legal force. This means that it is impossible to turn the legal transaction on it, and if it all happened, it is most likely that the financial organization’s employees are also involved in this scheme.

Malefactors receive other people’s information, for example, find a document on the street. Once they receive relevant information, they begin to act, applying such methods as:

In financial institutions there are ordinary people who may make a mistake and not notice the changes.
There are also situations where bank employees help attackers for a certain remuneration.

Many do not even suspect this, and basically learn only when:

If you have lost your passport, the first thing you need to do is contact the police station. Employees will give you a notice that will confirm the loss of passport.
And if the attackers will receive a loan according to your lost passport, this notice will be the protection of your rights. It will confirm the fact that you have no passports at the time of registration of the loan, and accordingly, you could not issue a loan.

The next stage is the appeal to the court, where you can prove the facts:

The main thing to understand that this process can be delayed for several months. And most likely, you will need the help of a legally savvy person.

Treat your documents very carefully, as the fraudsters come up with increasingly sophisticated ways every day.