What does the interest rate on the loan depend on?

Each credit institution is interested in receiving profit. Banks establish their percentage on various credit products, as credit institutions are a lot between them there is a competitive struggle for customers. Hence the difference in the interest rate on the loan.

Interest rate

It is expressed as a percentage of the leading loan. The interest rate does not include: penalties, penalties, penalties and other additional spending.


The better your credit history and income, the smaller there will be a loan rate. The greater the loan amount — the lower the rate. For example, the amount by 2.5 million rubles can be obtained under 8.9% per annum, but the amount of 500,000 rubles is 12 and higher.


If you are going to purchase a loan for a short period or are going to close it ahead of schedule, then the overpayment will be minimal and the rate will also be minimal.

Loan interest

There is nothing complicated here. The higher you have interest on the loan, the more you overpare.

Thus, a credit institution, like any other organization, is interested in receiving income.

If the bet is too low, find out from the bank in what the trick of such a condition. Perhaps a credit institution hides additional interest, which will be significantly higher when issuing a loan.

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