What does the baptist do if the debtor has no property?

All who made credit products are probably familiar with the word bailiff. Someone from the stories of acquaintances and friends, someone from personal acquaintance. The joyful emotions of the bailiff do not cause anyone. Usually, bailiffs begin their work after submitting a lawsuit in the direction of the debtor. The court makes a judicial order, and after that conveys orders to bailiffs.

When drawing up a loan agreement, you sign the documents in which you agree to return the cash in full, taking into account the interest rate, the bank within the specified period.

If this does not happen, the bank is trying to return its cash in various ways. One of them is to submit a lawsuit on the borrower. Usually, this is an extreme measure, since initially the bank is trying to negotiate with the client. In court, a solution is made unilaterally, your presence is not required there. After that, you will quit return the cash back to the banking organization.

Usually, after making a court order, you are given 10 days, during which you can appeal the verdict. If you did not do this, then the sentence will come into force. Accordingly, after entering into force you will need to pay debt in the manner prescribed by the court.

Overlay arrest on your property, cards, wages. Accordingly, if you refuse to voluntarily pay debt, you can write 50% of your salary on the size of the salary itself, to the debt repayment. Arrest can be imposed on the cards, and the means that will come on it can be automatically charged. It may be imposed and arrest on your property.

In this case, your data is analyzed. Requests are received in the traffic police, to clarify the existing vehicles. The Rosreestr receives a request for the presence of real estate. Also, a visiting visit can be made to assess the situation in the apartment of living (by approve), and the imposition of arrest on expensive equipment or furniture.

To prevent the arrest on equipment or furniture, it is necessary to prove documented that it was not bought by you, and not belong to you. In this case, the arrest will not be produced.

Usually, before the statement of claim was filed, and the debtor has time to reorganize its property on another person — relative, or friend to avoid arrest.

Accordingly, the court goes, the property can be reissued. If such a situation happened, the debtor impose a ban on leaving abroad. The preventive measure is 6 months. If six months later, the repeated preventive measure was not imposed again, then the citizen will receive access to the exit.

Also, bailiffs can make a request to the registry office, to clarify information on the family status of the debtor. If the spouses of the debtor, or husbands, information on them were discovered.

If the second half has a real estate acquired in a joint marriage, and it is not the only place to stay, the bailiffs can arrest 50% of this property. Some borrowers consider this the only opportunity to pay with arising debt obligations.

We advise you to prevent overdue payments, and do not bring the case to bailiffs. After all, it is easier to solve the circumstances with the bank. We hope that our article was useful to you.