What are the consequences of the loan.

Probably, each of us came across such a problem as a wage delay, unforeseen circumstances, illness, reduction at work. And at present, many people have credit obligations.

You detained salary for several days, and you missed the date of your monthly payment. First of all, you must notify the bank that you have not forgotten about your payment. And simply developed circumstances, because of which you pay your debt a little later. The Bank should be informed, because when signing a loan agreement, it is also indicated that in case of non-payment you will accrue penalties and fines. Since you do not refuse to pay, but simply change the date of payment, nothing particularly critical will happen.

You lost source of income, but no one freed you from the loan. What to do in this case? You can rebound money for some time from relatives, or colleagues to initially prevent the accumulation of fines. But all the time it will not work so much, but to find a new source of income, and it is necessary to become solvent again. So, avoid the overdue will not work. Most banks on delay not exceeding one month a loan agreement is not transmitted to third parties, you will receive calls or SMS — notifications, with a reminder to pay the necessary amount. If you do not exacerbate the situation, and not tighten with the payment of debt, then you are finally separated by reminders, warnings and fines prescribed in the loan agreement.

Time passes, payments do not appear. What happens next? Next, appropriate entries appear in your credit history. The fact that you are an unreliable credit payer. But after all, records in credit history is far from the worst thing that can happen. If the time of your delay continues to grow, the Bank has the right to convey a loan agreement to the service of the debtor service, the Bank’s Security Service. Even in this case, you will be born about payment, and trying to settle the situation in peaceful way.

In this case, the Bank can sell your debt agencies of collectors, or to generally prepare documents for appeal to the court. In the case of collectors, their methods are quite interesting. In addition to ordinary calls with an attempt to agree, be prepared for more rigid conditions. You can receive calls or SMS messages with threats to you or your loved ones. There are two options — either pay for debt, or contact law enforcement agencies (if the actions of collectors exceed their official powers in accordance with the Federal Law No. 230).

Of the reasons listed above, it can be understood that the delay is a rather unpleasant thing in our lives. If you have an unforeseen situation, it is necessary to inform the Bank in which the loan was taken. Collect documents confirming your complex position, and try to negotiate with the bank on postponement of payments, or refinancing. So you can avoid spoiled credit history (which you can use in the future), and avoid trouble.