Using a credit card at online calculations.

Credit products in the financial market are quite popular. Credit varieties There are many — credit cards, mortgage loans, consumer loans, loans secured by property. All these varieties have differences from each other. They are similar in one thing — money is taken from the bank under a certain percentage for a certain period. Credits are taken to different purposes, from this and the difference in credit products.

Credit card

Yes, almost the same as an ordinary debit plastic card. You can make purchases, remove cash, translate funds from the card. But, in many banks for cash withdrawal and translations there is a commission.

Currently, banks offer a system of buying bonuses. Banks conclude a contract or an agreement with the store, which is a partner of the bank. And thanks to the advertising campaign, new customers receive — that the bank is that the store. For customers, it is also convenient.

The list of partner stores and clarifying information can be found on the bank’s website, whose services you use. Sberbank, for example, offers bonuses — thanks to Sberbank. Also, in addition to bonus points there is Cashbek. This is when you buy certain goods involved in the promotion, you will receive back of the cash.

For example, the Russian standard bank offers a credit card with Cashbek up to 25% at the partner stores. The cost of annual maintenance of such a card is 590 rubles. When choosing a card with the highest cachekom usually look at the stores — partners. Than they are more, the greater the amount can be returned with shopping.

Banks began to provide credit cards with a grace period. What does this mean? You use cash without interest rate accrual, up to a certain period.

For example, you received a map in April 2021. The grace period you have 100 days. If you make purchases within these 100 days, then the interest rate will not be accrued. For example, in Alpha Bank no interest is charged on the removal of cash from a credit card, nor for the transfer of funds or shopping.

But these conditions apply to all types of purchases. We will understand about shopping online.

Currently, almost all stores use the method of payment online. You can order the goods on the site, pay it, and wait for the courier with the goods. To buy goods in the online store you need to choose the category of interest to you, find the appropriate product, and send it to the basket.

To pay for the goods, you will need to enter the data from the map — the validity period, the number, the owner data, and the security code on the reverse side of the map. Some stores take to pay only Master Card or Visa. It is worth paying attention to the selection of payment.

Grocery stores, clothing, as well as shops with appliances practice the payment of goods remotely — online. A credit card can be used to pay housing utilities, fines, as well as goods and services, accounts in establishments, taxi travel.

You can pay a loan in another bank with a credit card. And this list is quite extensive. You can purchase tickets. Avia — companies are built-in payment online, and after completing payment you may be charged miles. This form of bonuses is used in aircraft companies.

There are some organizations when making purchases in which you risk interrupting the grace period. For example, you chose the store. Turning to payment, you will see either a special form in which you will need to fill out information on the map and make payment. In this case, the payment will be successful, and your grace period remains preserved.

But if the special form does not appear, and the cash will need to translate the seller to a personal map, or the store owner, then your grace period can stop acting, as such actions are subject to the Commission.

Currently there are many options to make a purchase online. These are quite popular functions — Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay. The above is the mobile payment systems that are used using a mobile phone.

It is worth understanding that for this method of payment your credit card should support the method of payment NFC — contactless payment. To confirm the purchase, you need to use a fingerprint, or a password.

Internet — acquiring. One of the popular online payment methods. This type of payment is the transfer of funds from the buyer to the seller’s account with the help of banking services and the processing company. Processing company carries out money transfer — write-off or enrollment.

There is also payment using SMS messages, electronic wallets.

The main thing, do not forget that when paying online, you can stumble upon the scam site. Therefore, if there are messages, check carefully all the information, check the details of the stores, and do not cross the suspicious links.

We hope that our article was useful to you.