Top Russian stars living on credit.

If you think that Russian pop stars live like in a fairy tale where financial problems are completely absent, then you are deeply mistaken. Like ordinary citizens, their problems may have problems, including with cash. And with such a phenomenon, like credit commitments, most of them are familiar.

Credit funds can be directed to the shooting of a film, a clip or project. Part of the stars without thinking occupy cash in the bank, in order to acquire a new car or apartment.

Sergey is the father of two children who takes the first lines in the music charts. However, in order to purchase a house of 400 sq.m. He issued a loan. Lazarev says that stories about the great riches of stars is the myth.

Svetlana admits that her relationship with rich men does not add up and pay loans for the car and the apartment has themselves. The star admits that she does not have rich parents and connections and everything in life is achieved by itself.

And in order to establish in Eurovision, she at all had to lay out her own, still old, apartment. «If after the competition there would be no concerts, I would stay without an apartment,» Svetlana speaks in an interview.

Despite the wide audience of fans and permanent ether, the star is forced to rent housing. Catherine admitted that only 10 years after the take-off of his glory, he was able to afford to acquire his own housing, in which her parents live at the moment.

Anna independently brings up and provides two children, in parallel trying to expand his business, she also continues to engage in creativity. Together with the children, she lives on a removable apartment, but not so long ago, Sedokova admitted that he had acquired personal accommodation. To do this, she had to make a mortgage loan. The term of repayment of the debt is quite large, which is why during the period of restrictive measures in the country, she almost fell into despair, as it did not understand how such a financial burden could be kept.

A couple of weeks ago in social. Network Actor told his subscribers about what was the mortgage. After the appearance of a new family member in the life of Sergey, the artist had to expand the living space. However, the necessary funds for the desired property did not turn out, that is why he had to issue mortgage obligations for a period of 20 years. Despite this, he hopes that he will be able to repay the debt ahead of time.

During restrictions in the country, the king of Russian show business had problems paying credit obligations to the bank «Cerih», which, in turn, did not have a license. The credit institution won the court from the artist, as a result, Kirkorov should pay him an amount of 500 thousand rubles.

The famous Russian ballerina fell into a very interesting situation. Anastasia applied a former husband with a request to give a debt 3 million rubles. Ultimately, the money was not returned. Because of this, the Volochkova has serious financial difficulties, in connection with which she could not pay the pay to their employees, and pay off utility payments, which were accumulated in debt and amounted to about 140 thousand rubles.

According to spouse, Mikhailov — their family lives on credit. Perhaps the reason for the acquisition of credit obligations was the purchase of a mansion in the suburbs, which costs about 12 million rubles. Inna Mikhailova also stated that he did not see anything about nothing in it, since most citizens live on credit.

Anastasia in 2014 acquired a currency loan, which is secured by property, where the land plot in Cricino acted. At the expiration of some time, the economic crisis has come in the country, and the national currency rate fell rapidly. Zavorotnyuk asked the Bank to translate the remaining debt in rubles, but received a refusal. At the moment, the land plot is under arrest.

Russian showman in 2005 issued credit obligations to build a house in Balashikha. The loan amount amounted to 100 thousand dollars.

After some time, Alexander had problems with the construction of the house and his documents. The financial institution refused to withdraw a deposit in the form of a unfinished house and filed. As the result of the case, the gingerbread was discharged fine well.

The scandalous Russian actor was granted a ban on traveling abroad of the territory of the Russian Federation. The reason for this was the debt on loan obligations in the amount of 400 thousand rubles. In addition, he also has a bunch of unpaid fines and tax debts, the size of which is still unknown.

Thus, we see that Russian stars are the same ordinary people, as well as the main part of the population of the country that loans are issued. According to data, most of the «Russian Stars» receive loans for the acquisition of real estate. However, there are those who simply got into financial difficulties, or live from a loan to a loan, because they do not know how to properly manage funds.