The rating of the most ridiculous causes for a loan.

Currently, a loan is not difficult to obtain that in turn provokes citizens to design spontaneous loans in banks.

We made a rating of the most absurd goals for which borrowers draw up credit obligations. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Beginner businessmen, seeing rollers online and stories of business coaches, that everything is easy and easy — run to a bank loan for business, but in fact it turns out that not everything is so simple as they told about it.

In fact, there are problems with repayment of debt arise.

Very often in applications you can meet such a goal as a «plastic surgery». Fashion chase is not the best goal for a loan. Moreover, such operations are not cheap. What are guided by people getting a loan for this purpose incomprehensible.

As statistics show, more than 80% of borrowers who took a loan to this goal admits systematic delay.

Yes, and from the bank, get a loan for this goal is quite difficult.

The pursuit of fashion forces borrowers to take loans on expensive pets, these are rare breeds of dogs and cats, but only many people do not think that the content of such pets is also no cheap pleasure.

Some people take a loan for exotic vacation, for example in Maldives. At the same time, they understand that for such a vacation they will have to pay with the bank more than one year. Is it worth it? — Relax a week in a warm country, to then pay for him for several years?

One man borrowed money in order to spend the evening with a girl who did not pay attention to him. He paid an expensive car with a personal driver, ordered a table in an expensive restaurant and bought a huge bouquet of flowers. As a result, the girl simply did not come, justifying his excessive employment, and the money was already paid.

The guy had to pay a loan of 3 years.

This applies to shopaholics who buy only branded clothing, although often the wages of such shopaholics are barely enough for half the cost of things.

If the borrower wants to arrange a loan for insurance, then the bank will approve such a loan. But there are cases when people receive money on a loan for the purchase of weapons, pep springs and other means of security. Some take a loan and hire a personal guard, however, such protection is not working for a person for a long time, since its content is also not cheap.

Many couples before the conclusion of marriage think about the magnificent celebration and of course they go to the bank for a loan, and more than 60% of the pairs are doing this, which make marriage. True, after the celebration passes them becomes difficult to pay for a loan, and they pull this wear for another couple of years.

The most classic option is to buy a new version of the iPhone at the start of sales, such people understand that they will pay more than one year, but they do not stop. Especially during the time they are paying off with the purchase of the plant will release a newer version. And the purchase price will fall several times. What guelded such people is incomprehensible.

Classical situation among the population of our country. When a person lacks money to repay current debt, he just goes to the bank and receives a new loan. To repay the old one. Only here people find it late that they did wrong. Sooner or later, the bank simply ceases to give money on credit and a person remains with a large number of loans alone with him!

The loan is a very convenient tool, but before it is received, it is necessary to think about whether he need you or you can do without it. If we take a loan, then for significant goals.