The new preferential mortgage for families with one child under 6%.

In the summer of 2021, the state expanded the circle of families with the ability to take a mortgage at a lower percentage. The preferential program for families existed until July 2021.

Previously, this mortgage could only take families with two or more children. An important condition was that the last child was to be born, starting in 2018, which was very given a circle of families who could participate in a profitable mortgage. Even if your child was born in December 2017, you no longer passed through this program.

Now families in which there is a disabled child can also count on a low interest rate when making a mortgage. At the same time, the age of the child and the year of his birth does not matter. The child may also be the only one in the family without having brothers and sisters. Mortgage can issue any of the parents.

Since the summer of 2021, the circle of families with the ability to participate in the family mortgage expanded, by reducing the required number of children. Now families with just one child can also count on this type of state support. The only important condition is that the child should be born, starting in 2018. The initial contribution may be maternity capital, which after innovations will receive and families in which the first child is born, starting from 2020.

If new amendments to the family mortgage program were made after you have already issued a mortgage, then you have the ability to refinance for a new and lower percentage. The rate in this case will be only 6%, and the state will reimburse the difference to the creditor (bank).

First of all, you should decide on the bank in which you plan to take a mortgage, since not all of them participate in this program. You can familiarize yourself with the full list on the site House.rf. Next to collect a package of necessary documents and submit them to the bank, and expect approval. When the mortgage will be approved, its design will occur both in the usual mortgage, but with a low rate of 6%. If your family has been born in 2017, then you can count on a family mortgage with a 7% rate.

So, we see that the amendments to the family mortgage program with state support significantly increased the number of families that dream of their own housing. Maybe you also had a chance for a profitable mortgage that was not before.

If you have any questions, we are ready to answer them.