The most common ways of fraud with bank cards.

Despite the fact that credit institutions assure their borrowers in the reliability and safety of the use of plastic cards, the attackers still try to find new methods to bypass the security system and illegally write off the cash.

According to the information of the Central Bank of Russia in 2020, fraudsters have brought 2.5 billion rubles from accounts, which is 23% higher than in 2019.

Hacked the Bank’s security concept is quite difficult, so attackers are trying in different ways to get information on the map from its owner. To achieve its goals, they use all sorts of funds, such as telephone, Internet and mobile bank.

By phone.

Mobile Bank allows you to transfer with the help of specialized teams. To send cash to another person, it is enough to send information by SMS with a specific command. Malefactors use this option in such cases when:

Screenshots do not always have a goal of finding information a bank card. They offer to buy a product at a reduced cost and asks to list a part or the entire amount. Some scams offer a remote job that requires one-time investment.

In connection with the formation of information technologies, the types of schemes that use scammers are changed. In 2020, the attackers have been demanding contactless payment feature. In order to pay, it is necessary to simply bring the card to the terminal if the amount is no more than 1000 rubles. PIN code to enter unnecessary.

For cash with a screw, the chaser does not even need a map. For example, in Moscow, this function was used in the subway and other public transports, because of the adversity of people, the fraudsters secretly brought the portable terminal to the bag or the owner’s pocket, where the cash was automatically written off.

After you realize that money from your card was illegally written off — it is necessary to immediately block the card and go to the bank to which the map belongs. The financial institution will offer to write you an appeal of disagreement with the operation and will return funds for 30 days.
You can also contact the police with a statement about fraud.

Every day, fraudsters come up with all new and new ways to steal your money from the account, but it is impossible to take into account all the nuances. Therefore, if you follow the above security measures you can prevent these actions related to theft of funds from your cards.