The loudest robbery of banks in Russia.

The robbery of banks using weapons ultimately go to the distant past. Currently, thieves in masks are much more difficult to cope with their task, as the bank security systems are becoming more and more perfect, for example, to take at least an alarm button that can be detected in the workplace in each specialist.

Failures with robbers forcing fraudsters to retrain. Now they prefer to work without noise, applying fake documents to translate funds to their accounts.

In St. Petersburg in May 2013, an unknown man entered the Sberbank branch. He was dirty dressed and had all the necessary documents, including an agreement on the banking cell. According to the instructions, the cashier conducted a man in the repository, which further regretted much. A fraudster without much difficulty stacked the employee of his mouth with Scotch and fed in handcuffs. Meanwhile, the Bank has stopped the car, which provided services for stretch ceilings. Two more raids came out of it and together with the first were loaded into the car 44 cells from the bank. As a result, criminals managed to hide, but the information about the fact that the criminals were detained — not so far.

Such a robbery can be called successful!

Only for the second half of the year in 2013 on the department of the Bank, the discovery, which is located in St. Petersburg, 7 raids were committed.

The very first thing happened in summer, the robbers brazenly broke the brick stack in order to get out of the building. Only here the safe with money was not hand to them, and had to return without mining.
The following 3 cases occur to October for the same year. In another branch of the bank «Opening», the robbers cleared the cells of customers for a total of more than 30 million rubles.

After a couple of days, the robbers tried to get to the bank by selecting keys, but were detained by police officers.

In mid-November, the attackers attempted to raid on the bank by breaking the ceiling, but they lost to the planning and found themselves in the recreation room of the bank organization.

The next criminal group decided to take advantage of modern technologies, and with the help of a remote device turned off the alarm of the collector machine, using the cable, they broke the constipation from the door. The production of groupings amounted to about 139 million rubles.

Finally, at the end of 2013, the Bank has undergone another attempt to attack. According to the final data, one of the robbers was a collector. He squeezed the sleeping pills to his colleagues, two of them fell asleep, and one abandoned coffee, but it did not stop him and he began to shoot him from the pistol. The colleague was not confused and opened the oncoming fire, the 3rd employee woke up from the shots and caused help. So the robbery could not be completed

In order to rob the bank in Kaliningrad, the attackers changed the work form of public utilities officers and broke into the building. Forcing the Bank’s employees to lay out the cashier, took 7 million rubles and decided how in films hide on the motorcycles. However, police officers arrived at the scene and detained fraudsters.

Two attackers suddenly burst into the bank of Togliatti and threatened by the Pistol Bank employees. They managed to kidnap more than 430 thousand rubles.

However, Tatiana Titova, who works in a bank, the guard was not confused, and rushed behind them in pursuit. She blocked the road to criminals with his car. Most likely, the guns at the attackers were unreal, since they didn’t even take advantage of them, but simply escaped into the forest, where they were already waiting for the outfit police. According to the result, the criminals were caught, and Tatiana awarded a letter of thanks and a valuable gift for the manifestation of courage and courage.

Over the past 5 years, only in the Moscow region, more than 3,000 Sberbank ATMs were kidnapped with only about 20% of such robusts, the remaining 80% were not disclosed. Operatives only found mutilated ATMs in the forest belt or at the bottom of the rivers and lakes.

The raids used various methods in order to steal an ATM, someone exploded the safe door in the banking department and took the cash.

Others simply tied an ATM with a cable and with the help of the car pulled it out of the wall — then they were simply driving into the car. Used in an unknown direction.

Thus, the largest robbery occurred in December 2019, 8 ATMs were taken away from the department, the total amount of cash damage amounted to 54.5 million rubles + the cost of equipment, and this is another 34 million rubles.

Currently, physical robbers go to the background, but the raids are still located. At the moment, people and banks are more suffering from telephone fraudsters, usually such crimes are made from places not so remote.

Most often, the robbery occurs in large cities with a population of over 1 million people, is of course small, but they are not advertised.