The list of completed mortgage goals for obtaining a lot of large-scale in 2021 became wider.

Any large family in which the third or subsequent child was born could get help from the state to repay a mortgage in the amount of 450 thousand rubles. This type of state support can only be used once. The loan is provided to buy new housing (new buildings) or secondary. The age of older children does not matter. There is a prerequisite for the birth of a child from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022.

Earlier, until July 10, 2021, the list of approved goals for the mortgage was less. Hence, a large number of large families experienced difficulties in approving this mortgage compensation. Let’s remember what goals were before the amendments in the legislation:

As you see a list of purposes and before the amendments were not small, but still it was not enough to ensure the completeness of the implementation of state support for many Russian large families. That is why the list of mortgage targets was increased and now we will tell you what has been added:

The date of registration of the mortgage agreement should not be later July 1, 2023. Mortgage itself can be both acting, that is, you have entered into a mortgage agreement before the birth of a third or subsequent baby and a new one, that is, the contract has been concluded after the birth of the baby.

To obtain this state support measure, you need to submit the necessary package of documents and the application to the bank, where you have already taken a mortgage. Next, the Bank sends documents to the house. RF, where data entered by the lender with EGRN and EGR systems, the registry office will be counted. If everything is true and the goal of the mortgage agreement corresponds to, then the payment comes to the lender for repayment part of your mortgage. The average term for consideration of the application is 20 days. But as a rule, cash is listed exactly after 1 month.

The list has expanded not for so many points, but the state has taken into account the opinion and complaints of people, for some it is a decent cost savings at the expense of the state.