The history of mortgage lending in the world and in Russia.

The popularity of lending and mortgages began to recruit relatively recently. Is it possible to assume that these services appeared recently? After all, before, we did not hear these words, which means they were not — this is a common mistaken opinion. Moreover, quite a large number of citizens.

Where does the concept of mortgage lending come from?

Now in our article we will consider in more detail the history of the appearance.

Initially, the first mention of mortgage lending (as it is called now) appeared in 1754. This year, the very concept of land ownership itself. So-called banks also appeared. Of course, they differed significantly from banks in our time.

After that, the mortgage loans themselves appeared — they were issued funds secured by property and serfs. The value had the area of property, and the number of so-called shower.

Of course, such a service was not available to conventional peasants, mostly people from noble childbirth, landowners were referred to loans.

Thus, mortgage loans used to be more profitable for borrowers. But the banks with the treasury were not so joyful. After all, the money issued by them was not returned.

In 1859 they canceled the issuance of loans. Accordingly, the mortgage ceased to the action. The most innovation appeared in 1861. These were urban credit organizations. They began to issue money for a long time.

According to the procedure for obtaining a service, everything is rather approximately to our time — it was necessary to submit to the issuance of the loan. The petition was considered by the board. The assessment of the property of the future lender was carried out, and the decision was made.

Nowadays, the mortgage law appeared relatively recently — in 1998. Of course, it was only the beginning of the development of this service, so annual interest were very large (about 40%), and mortgage lending reached only 3 years. Wishing to use this service was a bit.

Gradually, the desire to get their own housing appeared in many citizens. The conditions became more loyal, interest rates decreased, and the loan period increased. In 2005, the first loyal rate appeared — 14%. And the period of payment extended up to 30 years. In contrast to the initial conditions, we see the improvement of the situation.

Mortgage appeared for a long time. Over time, she has suffered changes, and at the moment we think it is not the final option. Progress does not stand still, also types of services, new opportunities, obtaining conditions.