The debts of Russians on loans broke records.

The high level of obligations on loans in Russian residents increases every year. Since 2014, citizens compensate for their reduced income loans. However, the established complex situation in 2020 provoked the deterioration of the situation of a significant part of citizens.

Reducing income and increase price led to the fact that people acquired loans to feed themselves. Credit obligations at the end of the year broke the record over the past few years. A significant contribution has made a state preferential mortgage with a low percentage. The population has become massively bought housing. Of these, 70% of the population today have not been able to restore the payment schedule.

The deterioration of the standard of living forced even pensioners to make a loan. Despite their thrift towards money, they are forced to acquire money in debt, as pensions are missing to cover minimal costs. Every year the situation worsens. Therefore, pensioners are increasingly gaining debts to cover the previous ones.

At the moment, there are already more than 500 thousand pensioners due to the overdue are in the base of FSSP.

Every year the debt load of people increases, which indicates a decrease in the standard of living. This trend can further apply a powerful blow to the state economy with such consequences as unemployment, reduction of labor, even greater decline in living standards.

Because of the emerging situation in the country, credit institutions had to tighten the requirements for customers. But this strongly did not help reduce the debt burden of the borrower.

Credit obligations In modern times, the Central Bank calls risky and predicts that customers will verify them restructuring.

Credit holidays are a delay of payment for a valid loan, which provides a credit institution for a certain period. The client may not pay at all in this period of time and reduce the amount of the monthly payment.

Simplified the bankruptcy system of individuals — now it is possible to declare themselves bankrupt through multifunctional centers with a minimum package of documents, but do not forget that bankruptcy has its pros and cons.

There were a lot of conversations on this topic, even someone in the State Duma offered it. But this will never be, since the state is not ready to incur such losses, and banks are not ready to lose profits.

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