Soviet bank robbery.

Currently, no one surprise nor the robbery or the activities of fraudsters, and other things that go beyond the permissible. But in Soviet times, people did not even think about such things (most people at least). Indeed, for the people of that time there was a concept — there is no bandits in the USSR and there will be no bandits and robbery. But despite this, the robbery in the USSR still existed.

The salary at that time averaged 140 rubles. And from the Armenian state repository, one and a half million rubles were kidnapped. It happened on August 5, 1977. Calachyan brothers were so enterprising robbers. At that time there was no perfect guard, as now. The bank’s repository was not equipped with lattices, and the security was only in the yard. This brothers took advantage.

The brothers made a hole in the floor floor above, thereby hitting the storage, as the physique of one of the brothers was thin, it did not make much difficulty to commit a crime.

Thanks to his skills, the guys were able to penetrate the bank, open the storage, and steal the money. After that, they disappeared safely. According to the standards of the Soviet Union, it was a space amount, and found it in a few days.

All higher officials were connected to the search for criminals, and law enforcement agencies. After a while, law enforcement officers managed to catch criminals in Moscow. It happened on the night from 6th to 7 June 1978. After arrest, the most cruel sentence was made — the death penalty. But since the brothers were with Yerevan, and were the last carriers of their surname, the chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armenian SSR asked for them a pardon. Which, by the way the Supreme Council of the USSR approved. But, unfortunately, the petition did not have time to come on time, and the death sentence was praised. This robbery was unique in its own way, and still remains.

An attack was made not to the bank itself, but on collectors. Robbers in the past were law enforcement officers. Dressing into a police form, they waited for collectors at the youth department store. Having waited for their exit, the robbers opened fire, and shot two collectors, and the latter just wounded. The employee who guarded the store and did not have any treatment of collectors and did not have any treatment.

Fortunately, there was a witness who remembered the actors. Thanks to him, law enforcement officers managed to catch criminals. True, not all. One of them was shot dead, just not to get into custody.

Yes, it is unknown what exactly pushed the Kalachyan brothers on such a bold act, but they entered the story as the most daring criminals of the USSR!