Seven gold credit councils

In this article, we will consider 7 in the truth of gold councils that can help future borrowers avoid overdue payments. Some of them may seem pretty obvious to you, but they are here for the time you could make sure that they are really effective.

Avoid the temptation to arrange another credit card — quite difficult. In particular, when financial organizations offer the most profitable individual offers. You will not have time to blink with the eye, as in your wallet there is no one credit card, but two, or maybe even more. And all of them perform their functions and are often used.

Because of this, the risk of delay increases, as the human factor can play, and you just forget that you have no 3 credit cards, and 4. Each of them has a different period of making debt and if not to remind themselves about them every day, then soon You can skip the payment on one of them.

Large limit on credit card is a fairly convenient option. You can afford a large purchase and not save on quality. Now most credit cards have a grace period, according to which you do not overpay at all. How much they took — they gave so much. Of course, this is a convenient option. But it also contains a number of certain drawbacks.

For example, you have issued a credit card of Sberbank, the conditions for all are individual, but on average, the grace period is 50 days. Where 20 days you use the card, pay, and so on, and the remaining 30 days you have on the repayment of the tools spent. You made a large purchase by 40 thousand rubles, and the size of your salary is 20 thousand rubles.

That is, purely theoretically you will not have time to repay the debt and there will be a draw. Therefore, a credit history is spoiled, which may later be a refusal when issuing a loan.

It is necessary to plan in your life that when you hike in the store for products, that with more expensive and serious purchases. A large number of citizens in Russia suffer impulsive purchases.

In large stores there is a scientific approach, which is based on the placement of the goods to provoke the buyer for the purchase of certain goods. Planning is not a panacea, but helps to refrain from spontaneous purchases.

If you purchase food or other household trivia, then it is better to use the card so that you don’t have a heap of little things in your pocket. But large purchases are best acquired for cash. In some situations, when you go to the store, use cash in order to avoid unnecessary purchases, and the credit card is better left at home.

According to statistics, the female floor is more susceptible to spontaneous shopping than men. In this case, large amounts of money are better to keep in men, it will be your father, a friend or husband. Men largely large purchases are made by choosing quality, not appearance, as girls do.

The ability to use «no» — is the most basic quality of the borrower. Financial organizations will only accept the next client and will give him a credit card or another product to get their benefit. And besides, they will also impose additional services for which they will also come to pay. As you already know, free cheese is only in the mousetrap, so you should not believe the promises of employees, it is better to immediately get acquainted with the credit agreement. And only after a complete study of the sentence, take the appropriate decision.

Financial organizations are ready to show loyalty to their borrowers and offer an interest-free period in the occurrence of a complex life situation. Lending on the overdraft system is not a reason to overdue payment, it is worth using it with a really difficult situation. In all other cases, the obligation is better to repay on time. Otherwise, debts will accumulate, and the borrower risks its good credit history, which will later affect the approval of other loans.

We hope that our article was useful to you.