Sber made a limitation of 50,000 rubles for translations.

Change in the governing link of Sberbank company presented new surprises. A significant part of customers have already begun to consider other banks for the purpose of permanent service, since from 2020 for transferring funds over 50,000 rubles a month will be charged the Bank’s Commission.

The secondary factor was the law of the current president of the Russian Federation, which suggested a commission on transfers within the bank beyond the region.

From April 1 of the current year, bank roaming was canceled. Sberbank began to receive 1% for internal online transfers, if the monthly transfers exceeds 50,000 rubles, but the total amount should not exceed 1000 rubles.

The Deputy Chairman of the Bank Svetlana Kirsanova said that these changes to touch only 12% of Sberbank’s customers, since the rest did not exceed the established amount by the Bank.

The limit for users of all maps will reset the 1st day of each month.

At the moment, the corresponding limits function:

All information is available in the user profile. You can check the information about the layer in the «Tariffs and Limits» section on the «Translations without commissions» tab there is a calculation of online transactions. A specialized calculator reflects the required amount that can be spent to a certain limit.

If necessary, monthly transfers exceeding a permissible limit without charging the commission, it is possible to connect a new service — a subscription to savingsprim. For her, Sberbank writes off a certain amount of 1 month — 299 rubles, 3 months — 749 rubles, a year — 2499 rubles.

This is such a trick prepared to us «Sber», which, in our opinion, is not very convenient for people.

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