Russia mired in credit debts.

No one is news that loans are becoming more and more popular. Someone takes a loan from hopelessness, someone for the necessary needs. But the main problem of people taking loans is that they cannot evaluate their capabilities properly. After all, people are not always before taking a loan, consider their responsibilities on monthly payments for housing and communal services, pay for products, and other expenses. Accordingly, when taking additional obligations to the bank, people drive themselves into the trap.

A man takes a loan, with solid confidence that he will pay it on time. His former employer sharply went bankrupt, or just a person came under the reduction. As a result, the borrower lost the source of income, but the loan would not go anywhere, and the longer it is not to pay, the more the amount of fines and proceedings. And there are already several options — either get to negotiate with the bank, and take a delay by payments until the moment there is no new source of income (the maximum term of credit holidays is half a year), or take a new loan to overlapping the old one, and thereby avoid overdue . But when taking a new loan, the winning time is only a month — two. And the debt will still begin to grow. So the long pit appears.

If such a situation occurred — you can seek refinancing debt obligations.

Taking a loan for a large amount, an unexpected — the borrower may get sick, or to get disabilities at all. And well, if the insurance was obtained when receiving a loan product. But if not, then the situation is completely sad. Indeed, in this case, the borrower will not even get a job. Restress money from relatives or acquaintances possible option, but they need to give them too. People begin to convolcely look for all possible ways to obtain loans, loans and other financial services, reversing the minimum attention to the conditions of receipt. But in some organizations of microloans rates amount to 2% per day, which turns even the most minimal loan in a large amount, every day.

Many people seek to improve their housing conditions. To rent an apartment and give money to an absolutely unfamiliar person (in the event that you are removing housing not from relatives, or friends, of course), or take a housing in the mortgage, and pay monthly for your housing. Of course, there is a huge difference between these two options. Therefore, people agree to arrange an application for a mortgage. They do not stop the presence of children, small wages, and other burdensive circumstances.

Often we hear from familiar or relatives phrase about a mysterious fine font. By law, the Bank’s employees are obliged to tell the borrower of all underwater stones and special conditions when they come for credit products. But, unfortunately, not all employees adhere to this rule. Therefore, such situations occur when the declared low interest rate turns in a couple of months in a completely different one, and much higher. After all, in the most small font and it was stated that this event is temporary.

Loans are a kind of relief of people’s lives. Russians ceased to look for an additional income, or develop ideas, after all, a loan is much easier. There is a revaluation of its financial opportunities. The desire to become a successful person equal to the capture of the loan.