Registration of a loan under extensive debt.

Take the situation. Previously, you apply for a credit product, but due to unforeseen situations there was an overdue debt.

Currently, the services provided by banks is quite a lot. These are credit cards, refinancing, consumer loans, mortgages, and other species. Since the choice is quite large, you can choose the services you need.

In fact, a couple of days are already overdue payment. If you have formed a small debt, and you want to contact the bank for another credit product, there is nothing terrible in this. You may have paid for a non-familiar way of credit, but using the payment terminal. Cash enrollment time in this case reaches 3 days.

Or you are not a credit product alone, but several. Accordingly, payments must be performed on different days, and a person can just get confused. Most likely you will receive approval on your application, since small overdue payments most often refer to technical.

In this case, in your credit history there will be a mark of this incident, and the credit history will be corrupted. Based on this, if you contact a bank with an existing delay, banks will negatively react to your application. After all, the expired payments were up to this point, then there is no guarantee that they will not be now.

There are certain banks not with the most stringent conditions that are issued loans with a corrupted credit history. But, in this case, you will be asked to provide the guarantor according to your loan agreement, which, in which case, will take commitments to implement monthly credit obligations. Or using a mortgage vehicle or real estate.

You make up a new loan agreement. With the help of refinancing, you can pay off your old credit, you can combine all existing credit products in one, and pay one contract. Also, mainly refinancing reduces the amount of monthly payments by choosing a new loan product with a lower rate than the previous one.

If you are recognized as a malicious deferrator, then most likely in all banks you will receive a refusal. Since information about people who fell into a black list of banks extends very quickly.

Of course, we advise you to try to prevent the moment when expired payments appear. We hope that our article was useful to you.