Preferential types of lending.

Not so long ago, the state began to actively take part in the life of people of their country, but for some this help is insignificant, but many have already managed to take advantage of it.

In this material, we will look at what a preferential loan is and who can count on his receipt.

Preferential credit


Preferential loan for business.

At the moment, young entrepreneurs are supported if the entrepreneur leads a business from a certain list, it is compensated for a part of the loan payments. The part is not big and is only a few percent, but it works. Thus, the state helps develop various sectors of the economy that suffer from the crisis.

More information you can get in the bank, many banks do not speak about it, as the main goal of the bank is to make a profit, and in this case it will make it harder.

Preferential conditions for employees of budgetary institutions.

The state also takes care of state employees, for them there are their programs. Which allow you to get a loan for a minimum percentage + compensation for loan payments at the expense of public financing.

The program «Large families».

According to this program, it is possible to obtain a mortgage on preferential terms, as well as assistance from the state in the amount of 450,000 rubles to repay the existing loan.

Mortgage on preferential terms is determined by the fact that the state reimburses to people part of the interest paid. You can get this part, both monthly and at the end of the year the whole amount. Basically, the program applies to mortgage housing in new buildings.

The program «Young Family».

The family is considered young if the people who constitute such a family did not reach 35 years. In this case, the state helps to obtain a mortgage in a bank under a low percentage + compensates part of the payments if the mortgage is obtained for a new building.

The program «Military Mortgage».

The state in this case helps the families of military personnel to get a mortgage for a low percentage, and also compensates for part of payments for payments.

We described only some of the preferential loans that are most often in demand, in fact they are much more.

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