Power spoke about the cancellation of IP

In Russia, more and more often began to talk about the abolition of the IP. It all started after the Business Ombudsman Boris Yuryevich Titov said that the specialists of the Institute of Growth Economics them. Stolypin offered to eliminate the PI, leaving only self-employed and legal entities.

The press service of Boris Titova reassured excited entrepreneurs, and explained that in the near future it is not planned to apply these measures. This issue is discussed only in the future, despite the fact that it rises not the first time. Although this time it was raised in wide circles.

It is clear that right now to cancel the IP will not, as it will kill the country’s economy. Most of the business will go to the shadow or closes.

The same can be said about workplaces, as it will hit people. Which work for individual entrepreneurs.

In the Government of the Russian Federation, so far, such questions are not discussed. But if you follow the words of Titov, then gradual measures for business reformation will be accepted. So in 2021 they canceled a single tax on temporary income. Cancellation of the Unders was discussed quite a long time and now the moment came. Until the end of 2020, all entrepreneurs and organizations needed to choose another special mode. Those who until December 31, 2020 did not declare the transition, automatically translated on the basis.

All this is explained by the fact that most entrepreneurs bring wages using dark schemes. This is pretty unprofitable for the state, unlike Ltd., which regularly replenish the state treasury.

Entrepreneurs who were issued by IP pay 6-7%, but not paying NDFL 15% and transferred funds to the account for personal purposes, and the legal entity does not have such powers. In the case of translation by the legal entity, the owner must pay tax on dividends. As the titles indicate this is its illogy.

But why, speaking about the illogicality of the withdrawal of funds, Boris Titov does not mention the Federal Law No. 115, which provides for rigid regulation. So the right is, but there is no possibility.

Since the power began to talk about the cancellation of the IP, it means that after a couple of years it will not become, but only self-employed and legal entities will remain. But self-employed does not have the right to hire employees, and their income per year should not exceed 2.4 million rubles. For this period, more than a million self-employed has been registered in the country. Moreover, not all types of activity fall on self-employment, and a significant part of entrepreneurs will have to go to «ooo» or IP. But as we know, the discovery of «ooo» requires more complex economic reporting, where you need an accountant. The legal address of the company is also needed, which subjected to additional rental costs. The company’s profit is subject to twice — at the level of the company itself and at the level of an individual who pays dividends.

This will lead to the fact that people simply do not pull the expansion and go out of the business. Now experts are on their own, and argue that in the interests of small and medium-sized businesses it is necessary to maintain the difference in the forms of entrepreneurship, and not to reduce it. Everyone chooses the form that is more profitable for him.

It is definitely impossible to say that for the entrepreneur more profitable IP or LLC, it depends on the type of activity. Responsibility for legal entities, significantly higher than for IP. But at the same time, the IP is replied by debts with its property, both organizations and personal. A «LLC» — the authorized capital of the company.

Everything goes to the fact that the state strengthens control over the income and savings of the population. Dark schemes. Which arrange many individual entrepreneurs do not suit our state with you. Moreover, the so-called «dark schemes» are legitimate and there are loopholes in law. Which IP successfully use.