Most popular financial products from citizens.

Since progress does not stand still, every year new types of services appear, new products in the financial market. They appear with the calculation of consumer interests. What is most useful to consumers, and what are the most popular products from citizens in the financial market — this will be our given article.

If earlier cards existed in rare situations, now they are becoming more and more popular. Cards have acquired additional services. This is a grace period, and cachek, and a storage system of bonuses. With the development of new services, the popularity of products is growing.

From the very name, you can understand that this is a loan on the consumer. One of the most popular and demanded on the lending market. it

Usually such loans take apartments or to buy equipment. Rates on such loans usually range from 9 to 15 percent per annum. The amount can be obtained up to 20 million rubles. The term of issuing a loan is usually one day.

Consumer credit is very popular, the reception conditions are simplified annually. Almost all banks give out such a type of loan.

Plastic comes to shift in cash. Recently, the trend of larger use of plastic cards is growing than cash. No need to look for a monetary amount for payments in stores in stores. There are no thoughts that you can lose money. Do not have to face the fact that the store will not give you surrender from large bills. Wages are listed on the card, and it does not have to spend time on a trip to work.

Also, banks launched interesting programs — for making purchases in certain stores, you get cachek. And in Sberbank there is a cumulative system — «Thank you from Sberbank.»

Who do not want to make purchases and receive profit from this?

We believe that plastic debit cards have become very popular and popular financial products from citizens. It brings some profits, keeps time, and it is also very convenient.

Also plastic, but a little different format. Here you can get money from the bank at your disposal, under certain conditions. Here banks also offer favorable conditions, for example, a preferential period. You use a monetary limit throughout a certain period, and do not pay interest. In our opinion, a very convenient service, and in demand. Also, credit cards allow you to improve your financial situation in hopeless situations, and solve the financial problems that have arisen.

Unlike last time, it becomes problematic for many citizens. But its apartment or a house is a dream for many. Mortgage lending allows you to fulfill your dream for a fairly short time. Also, banks simplify the scheme for obtaining mortgage loans. Accordingly, if you are an officially employed citizen who regularly receives wages, you have an excellent chance to improve your housing area with a mortgage loan.

Refinancing allows you to connect various credit products into one, to choose a better interest rate, reduce the amount of monthly payments, and this reduces the financial load on citizens. Currently, refinancing specializes in many banks, which allows you to choose the program that the most suitable person.

We hope that our article was useful to you and we were able to expand your horizons.