Long pit: 15 shocking facts about American debts

The media do not subside — every day we will learn interesting facts, events shocking news. Basically, the news, of course, about our country with you is Russia. But many are interested in learn about other countries — is it so good, as we tell.

In independence from the country and from the nation, people have problems. These may be financial, vital problems. And it is not always possible to solve them. Life is built in such a way that your problems are your problems, no one will free anyone from the duties. Accordingly, no one will not be released from credit obligations. So the debts appear.

The first thing to pay attention to how it seems to us is medicine. Compared to Russia, prices for medical services in America are excavated. In the US, treatment insurance was common — recently the number of citizens with such insurance is reduced. And problems with paying treatment occur even in people having insurance. On average, 49.9 million Americans have no insurance. Accounts for medical services are the cause of bankruptcy about 60% of the population.

In second place you can put training. The average study loan is 25,000 dollars. Debt of students in the United States approaches 1 trillion dollars. Almost a quarter from the total number of students use credit cards to pay training.

According to statistics, the total debt amount in the country for all residents is 798 billion dollars. And credit cards in the United States are activated by more than 600 million. The population in the United States is currently 332,278,200 people. With such a huge number of people, 46% of Americans have a negative balance of credit cards.

On average, 8 million US inhabitants have overdue monthly payments for no less than a month. According to statistics, 29% of all houses stand much less than the payments for the mortgage. Penalties for overdue payments are also available — before it was 1.5% of the total housing area, now it is 4.5%. Agree, quite large digit. That is, if you have taken a house in a mortgage, and periodically violate the schedule of payment of your monthly obligations, then with time the company that issued you a mortgage loan will share with you the right to possession of your overall living space.

Despite the fact that the salary in America can and above, the growth of debts among citizens living there is not stopped, but only continues to grow. We hope that information in our article was useful to you.