Loan secured apartment 💰

In the present time, situations occur when personal cash is missing, and any potential borrower can be borrowed from the bank. In our material we will talk about borrowers who are difficult to get a consumer loan due to a large credit load or bad credit history, and they go to the bank to

If the borrower returns the funds to the bank after time, then the apartment ceases to be mortgaged property. But if the debtor did not return the money in a timely manner, the Bank will offer the way to solve the situation.

If, suddenly, you will not be able to pay the loan, then the bank will offer you the following solutions to the problem:

As practice shows, this property is sold very cheaply — this is due to the fact that the bank is interested in rapid sales to compensate for their losses.

Today, there is a practice of obtaining a loan on the bail of the apartment in the absence of reference 2ndfl (about income). Not every bank is ready to go on a similar risk. Often this is due to the fact that credit institutions are not ready to carry losses from an insolvent borrower. The issuance of this kind of loan is often carried out in the amount of not more than 50% of the value of the deposit.

There are several options where you can get money secured by the apartment — credit institutions and investors.

For private investors, you like a borrower are not as important as your real estate, or rather its condition, location and market value. Thus, private investors can take a loan without much difficulties, but the rate on this loan can be up to 5% per month. Investor loans are quite unprofitable. For example, if you take a loan of 5 million rubles per year at 5% per month, you will have to give only 3 million rubles percent, and there is still the main debt of 5 million rubles. For many, this is very heavy burden.

Credit institutions issue a loan at lower percentages — up to 15% per year. In some cases, you can get a loan secured by real estate under 5.5%. The bank, first of all, is important your solvency, not the state of the apartment. That is, the bank considers you as a person who will bring him profit in the form of interest on the loan.

It is difficult to say what type of lending is more profitable. But if the borrower needs money urgently and large amount, you can contact a private investor. However, in the first year of use, the loan will have to pay almost twice as much as the payment of the debt. Therefore, if it is not possible to quickly get money for a return debt, then it is better to contact the bank.

When contacting a credit institution has to spend extra time for registration of the transaction and wait for the decision, and

Therefore, you should pay special attention to your income.

Each Bank establishes a number of requirements for the borrower — individually. But in general, lenders pay attention to:

Additional requirements Borrower:

Otherwise, the Bank may refuse the loan on the security of real estate.

Credit loan can cause difficulties in obtaining borrowers who are managers of companies, deputies or accountants, as well as IP and businessmen.

The apartment should not be under arrest or participate in the subject of a trial.

If the potential borrower is married, then you need a certified consent in the notary of the spouse / spouse for the design of the property on bail.

You can submit an application directly as personally visiting the Bank’s Office and through the official website in the form of online applications. However, when applying online, you will still have to visit the branch of the credit institution.
A loan secured by property can be obtained absolutely to any goals, but the bank needs to know why you need a large amount of funds to assess the risks of non-payment of debt. Therefore, the questionnaire should not forget about the purpose of the loan. If your application is completed correctly and all necessary documents will be at the disposal of the bank, then the Bank employee will call you back and invites you to the department already for the execution of documents for cash.

If you made a statement via the Internet, then, according to the results of you, the bank is obliged to check the documents provided to him again. An employee of the bank may require additional actions. As a rule, this is the registration of the transaction in Rosreestre. As a result, within 5 working days, the Rosreestr makes a decision to approve or reject this transaction. If the deal approved, the borrower is sent with this paper bank already for obtaining the loan amount.

The situation with entrepreneurs and legal entities is a little more complicated than with ordinary individuals.

The fact is that the bank more carefully refers to the verification of legal entities.

Although the scheme for obtaining a loan and the package of documents is practically no different from those providing an individual.

Additional documents that can require a bank when approving a loan to an entrepreneur or company on bail.

Also, the Bank additionally checks other data, but by means of their programs and the Internet.

As you can observe a loan secured by real estate, has its advantages and cons, but if money is needed urgently and you have problems with your credit history, then this is an immenite object with an excellent solution to get the missing amount of funds.