Lending to individuals — on penalties and penalties

Currently, most people dream of buying their real estate, vehicle. Dreaming to visit foreign countries, or dream of an ideal smile. It happens when the sharp need for treatment appears. But, the amount of wages does not allow it to implement.

Contact a bank institution. Now the finishing market has become very popular lending products. Conditions for obtaining simple — unspoiled credit history, officially confirmed income, official employment, citizenship of the Russian Federation, and age from 18 (in some cases from 21 years).

When citizens appeal for a loan, most thoughts for the future do not occur. The contract is read solely in the amount, return periods and monthly payments. But few people read about penalties. After all, there are unpleasant situations when a person remains without financial support, and cannot more than pay his monthly obligations.

You are submitting an application, for example, 100 thousand rubles, for a period of 2 years. The interest rate is 9%. Accordingly, two years later you will need to give 118 thousand rubles, and your monthly payment will be 4917 rubles.

Over the past two years is not particularly large, but this interest rate is not always, and not in all banks. Sometimes, the overpayment of the interest rate is obtained quite high, and people cease to pay credit obligations. But you signed a contract that we assume to return the debugged cash back to the bank. Accordingly, if for any reason you refuse our obligations, the penalties are taken into force, and the accrual of penalties.

There are additional penalties for the untouchable limit on credit cards. For example, you have a limit on a map of 150 thousand rubles. The contract is spelled out that the amount of balance on the map should be 15 thousand rubles, no less. Accordingly, all conditions are not always read, the balance on the map has become less than it should be, and you will be charged fine.

It is necessary to carefully examine all the conditions, and all items in the contract before signing it. Read all penalties in advance so as not to get into the unpleasant situation.

All financial institutions are interested in returning funds. Accordingly, if the money bank does not receive back, they need to somehow spur the borrower with the payment. For this, in our opinion, penalties were imposed.

We recommend that you put the signature, familiarize yourself with the size of the fines, weigh everything in and against, and only then sign the contract. We hope that our article was useful to you.