Is it possible to use maternity capital to build a house?

When it comes to maternal capital, we are more often talking about buying an apartment. But together with such a right to his order, there is also the opportunity to spend funds for the construction of the house, as well as its reconstruction and an extension. And you can build a house with your efforts or contact the help of the contractor.

If you plan to build a house yourself, then you first need to think well and calculate what materials and in what quantity you need, because you will get money in your arms, and you will be purchased by everything you need. The Pension Fund will return funds as compensation for the cost of construction costs. Just be attentive and waste money on purpose, as the employees of the Pension Fund are also checked and the target appointment of the tools spent, and the house built ultimately. You can also attract workers without an official treaty.

Getting money broken into two stages. To obtain the first half of money, you need to assemble the necessary package of documents, not forgetting about your details so that the money is exactly reached your addressee, that is, you. It is also a mandatory investment is to confirm the right of ownership, an agreement on providing property for temporary use, or rent, as well as on the use of a land plot of an indefinite time (indefinitely). And the appointment of a land plot must be housing construction.

You also need a notice of planned construction on the person who has the right to maternal certificate, that is, one of the spouses. And another important requirement is the obligation to design a finished home at all who are part of your family: spouses and children.

For the remaining 50% of the money you will need to wait half a year. You will need to provide an inspection certificate. Such a document confirms the presence of a house on the site in reality. An act must contact the organ engaged in architectural or urban planning problems. After the complete completion of the construction of the house, you need to fulfill the obligation to allocate the shares for each family member, including children. This is a prerequisite for maternal capital.

If you plan to apply for help to the Contractor, then, as in addition to the standard package of documents for a mortgage and those required for the construction of the house yourself, you need to provide a construction contract. About a month later, the pension fund will list the money contractor. You do not need to try to put the budget of construction in the amount of maternal capital, since with a greater cost of construction, you just pay the difference yourself. Therefore, as you can see, the maternity capital does not limit you in the volume of work.

To submit an application for order by means of maternal capital, you need to visit the Pension Fund branch with the original documents or submit an application online on the website of the State Service, but still after anyway to visit the FIU branch personally. If you still do not have a certificate, you still can already begin construction of the house, and after three years you take compensation.

It can be concluded that the maternity capital for the construction of the house is excellent help to families with children. The main thing is to remember that the money goes precisely on the construction of the house, for example, to buy a land plot.