Is it possible to take a loan or microloans to subsequently not overpay?

Currently there are various credit products. It may be credit cards, consumer loans, microloans, and other types of loans.

Many citizens actively use credit products. For some, it is a chance to acquire your own housing, for other execution of long-standing dreams.

But regardless of the reason why people are addressed by loans, everyone is interested in one question — is it possible to take money from financial organizations in debt so that it is not overpaying?

Yes, there are shares from microfinance organizations and banks themselves.

Banks and banking organizations issue money to borrowers with the implementation of certain conditions. In other words, you receive money in debt, for a certain period, at percent. And monthly pay off credit obligations, but there is a different kind of shares allowing not to pay interest at all.

Currently, there are microfinance organizations that issue loans to customers who have applied for the first time without percentage. In other words, you take 10 thousand rubles for two weeks, and return 10 thousand rubles. There are no underwater stones here, this is done as an advertising move — due to the lack of interest, more people are treated for the loan.

Credit cards with no% period 💳.

The credit card and its interest-free period, but it only acts on the purchase, that is, interest on the removal of cash is immediately charged and for the removal and on the loan is not very profitable, but for some it is useful.

There are shares from banks precisely on consumer loans — as an example can be put

You get a loan to 1 million rubles and, subject to certain conditions, do not pay a percentage of money!

What are the conditions?

You need to use the bank card and make certain spending on it in the amount of at least 10% of the loan amount, every month.

Consider on the example of a loan of 300,000 rubles for 24 months.

10% are 30 thousand rubles.

You replenish the balance of the card by 30,000 rubles and make purchases for this amount. This month, the percentage of the loan is not credited and so on for 24 months.

The loan overpayment amount in this case will be 0 rubles!

Yes, the action is not very convenient, but many will help to save a decent amount of the loan overpayment.

Do not forget about the pitfalls!

So the bank does not deceive that the loan overpayment is not subject to the conditions, but the mandatory insurance is silent.

There are other banks offering similar credit conditions, the main thing is to carefully examine the conditions of the promotion and do not make a mistake! 😎

When contacting a loan, you need to carefully read the contract until you put your signature. In the contract must be spelled out to all the smallest trifles. On the accrual of penalties, fines, and other things. If it seems to you that the conditions in the contract are not spelled out exactly — do not sign such a contract. After all, if the contract does not register penalties — the bank will not be able to accrue them.

You must carefully follow the sums that you make. The bank is not a store, and it will not be rounded towards the client. If you have the amount of the monthly payment of 4356, 66 rubles, then it is necessary to make this amount. After all, in the case of the deposit less, a fine will be accrued to the residue. Also, when making a payment, it is necessary to consider the amount of the Commission if it is. Because of it, the amount to enrollment can be less, so it will not be considered that you have made a monthly payment.

Currently, many banks offer credit cards with an interest-free limit. At that time, as long as you enjoy a grace period, you will not be accrued interest for operations. But here it is necessary to make mandatory payments within the prescribed period, and by the end of the grace period to pay the entire amount of debt. Thus, you will avoid accrual interest rates.

It is worth remembering that not always payments are made on the same day when the payment was made. Sometimes, funds can act within 3 days. Accordingly, if you pay your credit obligations on the last day, money can come later. And you will go overdue payments. And with overdue payments, as we know, fines are accrued.

We hope that our article was useful to you.

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