I can not pay a loan, what to do?

Nobody is insured against the situation when there is no funds to pay for a loan. A person comes in bewilderment, he does not know how to act on. This development of the situation often occurs when a person lives without means.

The ability to accumulate money will allow you to save a significant amount of money that you overpay the bank just because you wanted to buy the goods today, and not after a few months. But you could not think about our own opportunities and hit the debt. What to do now?

Most importantly, stop bringing yourself to the state of panic. Keep peace and think over everything to the smallest detail. Act on emotions in the current situation is not a way out.

I certainly should not avoid bank calls, they will not stop disturbing you in this way, but on the contrary, they will communicate with your colleagues or relatives.

Visit the bank and try to jointly solve your question. What types of solutions can offer you a bank:

The methods described above are working if you are delayed by no more than 2 months.

If the credit institution has closed or with him recalled permission, it is not necessary to rejoice that now you do not need to pay a loan. Your responsibility to the credit institution is not canceled, but most likely, will go to another credit institution, which will be engaged in returning deposits and receiving payments on the loan.

In such situations, it is necessary to have a specific strategy and to turn to an agreement with a credit institution on the possibility of suspending or reduced loan amount. In addition, it is possible to recognize itself with bankrupt, but this process is performed only by appeal to the court and has its own minuses and advantages.

Not always, bankruptcy looks like it is presented to us through the media.

This procedure has its pros and cons. Therefore, before declare yourself with bankrupt, this question must be studied very carefully.

In any credit institution there is a loan coverage service by the occurrence of an insured event. At the same time, in most cases, it is necessary to defend their rights in court, and to defend their rights in court, even if the insured event occurred not so simple.

As a rule, the insurance contract is made up very competent and pay off the duty through insurance, but it will be not so easy.

It is not necessary to contact a credit institution, but in the insurance company itself, with which the contract concluded, capturing with you all the necessary documents.

After the documents are reviewed — you will be reported. If you get a refusal, although the insured event has a place to be — contact the court to defend your rights.

Have you had problems with loan payments? And how it ended? 🤔