How will banks consider the debt burden?

Currently, a lot of people seek help to banks for credit products. There are situations where the loan is already there, and seek followable. To make a decision on a new application for a loan product, banks need to calculate your debt indicator.

This is the calculation of the ratio of monthly commitments of a citizen (including the new payment) and its income level.

In October 2019, in October, PDN was introduced — a debt rate at the legislative level. If earlier, when applying for a loan product, banks considered the solvency of the potential borrower, its credit history. And they endured the decision at their discretion, now they are obliged to calculate this indicator.

This indicator includes your loan fees, microloans. Also, if you are a guarantor, then you can calculate the amount of the credit product, as there is no guarantee that you will not pay a loan with time.

Also, if your hands have a credit card with a specific limit, it will also be taken into account when calculating the debt burden.

This coefficient was introduced for the reason that the number of outstanding credit products increased. People simply did not cope with monthly credit products obligations.

Calculate the debt load indicator itself is quite problematic, since a certain formula for counting is not derived. If you make an application for a fairly large amount, you will need to confirm your income.

It is worth noting that only official income will be considered, confirmed by documented. An official income can be attributed to pay for wages — Help 2-NDFL, receiving a pension — an extract from the FIU, incomes that were listed in the declaration for the FTS. And any other income that have a documentary confirmation.

When calculating the bank of the debt load indicator takes the average value of your income. And it is divided into the average of your loan payments. For example, with an average wage of 100 thousand rubles, and payments on loans of 30 thousand rubles, your PD indicator will be equal to 30%. This figure allows you to leave an application for another credit product.

If you leave an application for a loan product without reference, then your confirmed income will be considered impossible. In such cases, banks request your credit history in the BKA. It will displays your spending on all credit products. The average value of this amount over the past 2 years is displayed, and multiply on 2. The ultimate digit and will mean the amount of your income. Of course, with this method, it is not possible to calculate the exact value of your debt load.

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