How to take a mortgage without official employment?

Returning for a certain number of years ago in the USSR we will see that the receipt of free housing was not news. In the period from 1965 to 1985, this housing was issued about 150 million people. The average of the apartment on average ranged from 5 to 7 years. If there was an urgent need for real estate — it was reduced to a minimum.

These apartments were not decorated for a person, and were state. So to speak, surrendered for an indefinite period of time. In the consequence, the apartment could be privatized, thereby make his own.

Currently, the state also highlights apartments, but the conditions to get it much more than before. And waiting time is several times higher — up to 19 years. Here and without words it is clear that waiting for the 19th years of receiving the apartment — very and quite long. Moreover, life with you is unpredictable now. But, the state made it possible to obtain the desired real estate by another — registration of the mortgage agreement.

Mortgage lending is the acquisition of real estate for bank funds. The same loan is essentially. You constitute a contract for which you receive the use of the selected real estate, and pay a banking organization for money taxable by the interest rate. As we know in order to take a loan, you need to be an employed citizen.

Our article will talk about how to issue

Before issuing a credit product, banks request information about the potential client. There is a check of his credit history, the amount of wages, the availability of other credit products.

When making a mortgage agreement of a banking organization, it is important to assess the customer’s solvency. Moreover, the mortgage is a rather serious type of lending, rather than a consumer loan for 50 thousand rubles.

The official employment of banks believe when the client works with a record in the employment record, deductions to the FIU, and can provide a 2-NDFL certificate. This reference is issued from the job of an accountant, and must be certified by signatures and seals.

This question interests many. In fact, it is possible. Currently, many go away from official work. They work on themselves, or are engaged in a favorite thing, or have the opportunity not to work, but to live to the cash received from the delivery of real estate for rent. In other words, there are no money from people, but there is no official work. Banks understand this, like me with you. Therefore, they provide the ability to issue a mortgage and no reference 2-NDFL. Not all banks ask exactly this certificate — it may be enough for the usual certificate of confirmation of income in free form, or in the form of the bank.

Currently there are quite a few different programs for making mortgage lending. One of these — mortgage in two documents. To take advantage of such a program, you need to make an initial contribution of 30-40% of the amount of the entire loan. Bank in this case does not request data on your employment book. Place of work is indicated in the questionnaire. The bank can call your employer to clarify whether you work where they indicated, and how long.

Another option to issue a mortgage without confirmation of income is a guarantor or co-career. In this case, your guarantor or coacher is required to confirm your income. The guarantor can choose any person. The role of an additional borrower usually serves relatives, or a spouse. Although, banks practice the design of an additional borrower not only from relatives.

You can conclude an agreement with the subject of pledge. In such cases, banks are more loyal to potential customers, and do not request revenue confirmation. After all, in the event of an unforeseen situation, or the client’s refusal to fulfill its credit commitments, the subject of pledge can be sold to debt repayment.

If you work unofficially, but get wages on the bank card, you can seek mortgage lending to the salary bank. They will have confirmation of your income for the entire period of cash receipt, and they are likely to approve your application.

Banks currently there are a large number. Now we will look at those banks that do not require provision of references 2-NDFL.

Alpha Bank.


Bank opening.

It is worth understanding that these are not the only banks that provide mortgage lending without official employment. The interest rate is selected individually to each client. Before making mortgage lending, it is necessary to explore offers from different banks, and choose the most appropriate for you.

The main thing is to pay attention to the interest rate, add. The conditions for obtaining a mortgage loan (if available), and also carefully read the contract.

We hope our material was useful for you.

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