How to sell an apartment in Mortgage?

Currently, real estate taken to the mortgage, no one will surprise anyone. It is not always possible to carry out the conceived by its own. And people turn to banks for credit services, or for mortgage. For each person, its living space is a reason for joy. Your cozy world.

The apartment in the mortgage is a kind of purchase of an apartment in installments. Get the desired you immediately, and gradually pay the full cost of the desired. But, sometimes events occur in life, requiring cardinal actions. For example, you decided to move to another city, or you urgently needed money. Or other reason. And you have an apartment in the mortgage.

Almost everyone knows what is a mortgage. Briefly, this is a property purchased by the lender. A contract with a bank is signed, in which a citizen undertakes to pay its monthly credit obligations. And in the case of a long-term disorder, the Bank has the right to remove the property back, in the account of the accumulated debt.

Before maturing the entire amount of the mortgage, you are not entitled to dispose of real estate. Namely, you can’t sell or exchange an apartment. But, there are several ways that you can take when the apartment is still in the mortgage, but it is necessary to sell it.

Early repayment.

Accordingly, if you have the missing amount in your hands, and you need to urgently sell an apartment, you can write an application for early repayment of the mortgage agreement. Depending on the bank, the conditions for early repayment will vary.

Also, if you have the maternity capital, and its amount will be able to cover the balance of mortgage loan, you can step off your maternal capital debt ahead of schedule. If the amount of maternal capital exceeds the amount of debt, then the residue remains for you for further use. But, in this case, everything will be more difficult with the sale of the apartment. Since when using maternal capital in repayment of mortgages, you must allocate our children share in this apartment. Accordingly, it will be possible to sell it either to achieve the majority of children, or when buying real estate exceeding the quadrature in the previous one.

Another way to sell an apartment in the mortgage is to find a buyer on it. Discuss with him purchase details. In this case, you can contact the bank. Explain your situation there, and with the help of the buyer’s money to repay the mortgage. And the remaining funds will already be yours. But for this method it is necessary to resolve the bank itself, and most likely you lose a certain amount of money.

If you have already found the buyer to your apartment, you can talk to the buyer himself. Take him the amount that is lacking for repayment. Make it, and the apartment will be fully belonged to you. Of course, it is necessary to compile a contract, and carefully register all the necessary conditions, in order to avoid deception.

Another way if the client has great difficulties with finance — to sell a mortgage apartment to the bank. But, as it seems to us, this is a completely extreme case.

Do not forget about the overpayment if you use early repayment under the contract, then you will get overpaying less than it was originally. We hope that our article was useful to you.