How to secure your funds from fraudsters?

During the quarantine period, many of us began to spend more and more operations with cards on the Internet, the fraudsters instantly took advantage.

From March last year, the credit institutions constantly receive statements about the illegal debugging of funds from the Customer Card. Scammers adapt to any living conditions. Consider a number of ways to protect your money.

For scammers, it also became a very convenient way to get your data.

Fraudsters and here succeeded:

For example:

It is worth considering this very carefully, since after conversation scammers adjust the recording of the conversation under the electronic assistant, which focuses on your voice.

An example of a conversation situation with an electronic assistant:

You would like to translate funds on **** **** **** 0957 —

Do you confirm this operation —

As you can see, there are ways to deceive and remove all the money from your card, even speaking by phone through the official number of the bank!

If you decide to make a deal with cash intensity, you need to make sure the company’s reliability:

Take care of your money and carefully follow our recommendations in order not to get caught on the tricks of the scam!

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